The Wide Range of Things that Have a Non-Stick Coating

The first non-stick coating was invented in 1946 by the doctor Roy J Plunkett. Although an accidental invention, it became known as Teflon and it has gone on to become one of the most useful things ever to be created, and nowadays a wide range of modern, non-stick coatings like this PTFE coating are applied to all sorts of different products for a variety of reasons.

Here are just a few of the things that most of us don’t realise have benefitted from this great accidental creation, as well as the benefits of a non-stick coating on these particular products…

Cookware – The main thing that springs to mind when we think about uses for non-stick coatings of course is cookware. The ease of being able to put food on baking trays, in frying pans and in saucepans that have been coated with a something to stop food from sticking has really made improvements to the way that we prepare food, and it is understandably popular amongst cookware manufacturers and consumers alike.

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Pets – Pets can be a little messy and non-stick coatings are also useful in a range of pet products to improve hygiene and durability and also make them a lot easier to clean. From food bowls to toys, it is something that makes the lives of pet owners a lot easier!

Beauty Products – Something else that non-stick coatings are incredibly useful for is in beauty products – things that are heated up such as hair straighteners and curlers are coated to prevent the hair from getting stuck to them and also to provide a shinier finish on the hair afterwards.

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Construction – When it comes to building and construction, there are many uses for non-stick coatings. Parts for tools, such as power drills can be coated to provide lubrication as well as to reduce the build up of heat that is often generated when using these power tools – as well as being non-stick, these types of material are also incredibly heat resistant so play a big part in safety.

Security – That brings us on to security, another industry which relies on the use of non-stick coatings. Locks are often coated with a non-stick coating, and you can also buy additional coatings to apply yourself. The reason for this is that it helps to provide lubrication and prevent the lock from becoming stiff or stuck altogether. It can be used on most types of locks from the front door to the car.

Energy – For energy suppliers non stick coatings are used in many ways, but as we all switch to greener energy, its main use will be to coat solar panels. This makes the solar panels more durable and protected against corrosion as well as preventing a build up of dirt and dust, making them more efficient and longer lived.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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