How to serve a customer to build loyalty in 8 steps

serve a customer to build loyalty

Relating to your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In the age we live, where everything seems to be done automatically, taking care of your buyers is more important than ever.

At any time, if a person is not happy with how you treat him, he can share his negative opinion with thousands of people through a simple tweet or a Facebook post.

That is why it is vital that you know how to serve a client from the minute they enter your door until they say goodbye to you.

If you really want to offer an excellent customer service and build loyalty to your new buyers so that they buy from you again and again, follow the 9 steps and tips that I share below and you will never have to worry about sales in your business again.

1. Greet your client and make him feel valuable

Yes, it may seem silly to you, but greeting a customer is an important part of serving them well, and you should never start your conversation with a “what do you want?”

That phrase only indicates that you see him as just another customer you want to sell something to quickly, and not as a person with specific needs and wants.

So show him that his presence is important to you, make eye contact with him and greet him or say good morning or afternoon.

Once you have done this, treat him the exact way you would like to be treated. Remember that it is thanks to your buyers that you receive income and that your business exists.

Don’t give him the feeling that you just want to sell. A good seller is there to help their buyers find the best product that meets their needs or problems.

So make the most of the first seconds of contact, make your client feel comfortable with you and your business, and let them know that they are in the best place they could have chosen.

2. Find out what your customer wants and needs

Any of us don’t really need what we buy; What we need and want are the sensations that that item or service will produce when we use it.

A customer doesn’t go to a clothing store just to buy pants because he needs them. Buy those clothes to feel more attractive and comfortable when you go for a walk on the street.

When you enter a cafeteria, you don’t because you are just hungry. You take a coffee to rest, disconnect by yourself or with your friends from problems, and enjoy the taste and pleasure that coffee provides you.

So an important part of serving a client is discovering what their wishes are, keeping in mind that beyond something useful, what is really sought is to satisfy a need.

Listen to your buyer and ask him what he needs or what problem he has and wants to solve, and show him those products that not only fulfill what he is looking for, but also arouse a desire in him.

3. Listen to your client and shut up

Although it seems simple, listening to others is often difficult; but when it comes to a customer, you should take this rule as a must.

So focus all your attention on him and listen to what he says to you and, more importantly, how he says it and his attitude.

For those people who are more difficult to treat, I recommend that you read our article The 6 most difficult types of clients and how to earn them in your business.

4. Appeal to wants, not needs

When the other person has finished talking, use all the information they have given you to present the benefits of your product that can help them with the problems they have told you about.

But aside from the benefits, paint a picture in your mind of the pleasure you will feel in achieving what he wants when he buys your product.

As I told you before, desire drives more to buy than need itself.

And it is important that you tell your buyer in as much detail as possible what their life will be like or how their problem will be solved once they have acquired what you sell.

5. Know your product well before selling it

You have already greeted your client, you are treating him like a king or queen, you have listened to him and you are presenting your product.

What if you don’t know what you are selling well? That if he asks you a question that is not in your “script”, you will not know how to answer it. And you will look bad, very bad with that person – and he probably won’t buy from you again.

So a fundamental rule before selling a product is to know it well.

It is very important that you know what you offer, how it works, and even that you try it to see its characteristics to serve a customer well and give him all the information he needs.

6. Honesty and transparency are crucial

Do not try to deceive the consumer in the sale process, because he or she will detect it right away and go through the same door through which they entered.

What’s more: not being completely honest can lead to very bad publicity and reputation for your business.

When we feel cheated in some way, no matter how small the deception, what do we do? We complain and we make sure that other people know it so that the same does not happen to them, and incidentally let off steam because of our anger.

And not only that: today, with social networks available to anyone, we publish everything we think about anything on them. And opinions, both positive and negative, can reach hundreds and even thousands of people.

So if you don’t want to build a bad reputation and close your business, when serving a customer, be transparent and don’t lie to them.

7. Always agree with your client

No matter what the circumstances are, the customer is always right. This is a basic rule that should always guide your business to grow from minute 1.

To help you get this going, create a customer service policy to show your buyers that they are always right. Organize it into 3 parts:

  • Emphasize phrases in your business that make your client feel happy. Consistency and your personal touch will take you very far.
  • Never let your clients forget you when leaving your business. Maintain a closer relationship by remembering special occasions. In a physical business you can have an agenda in which you write down their birthdays, and when the date arrives, send them a written congratulation with a small gift. If it is an online business, take advantage of the registration form to ask them the date of their birth.
  • It defines well how to deal with those unsatisfied buyers. Create a system of steps to develop a method with which you can follow your customers and measure their opinions to find out what their experiences were like. If a problem arises, define a tactic with which to solve it to turn that dissatisfied customer into a happy buyer.

8. Kindness and gratitude will take you very far

Last but not least, I always said “thank you.”

Many studies have verified that 3 out of 4 customers say they have spent more money on companies in which they have had positive experiences and where they have thanked them for their purchases when finished.

Kindness and gratitude are undeniable ways to create a long-term relationship and build customer loyalty in your business.

Make each “thank you” specific to each person, because making each buyer feel special is key. Show all the appreciation possible to your buyers for taking the time to listen to the solutions you have for each of them.

By following these 8 steps you will not only get an excellent deal with your buyers, but you will also be able to create long-term relationships that will get you loyal customers who buy from you again and again with pleasure.

What tactics do you use to serve a customer in your business? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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