Features of New Home Marketing

Features of New Home Marketing

Home buyers today want to control their online shopping experience and customize their new homes. 

Traditional marketing tools like signage should take up 10-15% of your budget. Most of your budget should be devoted to digital marketing strategies that nurture leads until they are sales-qualified and ready to tour showhomes.

High-Quality Photos and Videos

New home marketing offers a wealth of content you can use across your online and offline marketing. Whether social media posts, videos, blogs, or website content, there is always something to share about the homes, communities, builders, and the building process. You won’t run out of content any time soon.

In addition to images and videos, you may generate 3D architectural renderings and virtual staging. This technology helps potential buyers visualize a property even before it’s built and gives them a feel for how their finished home will look.

This can be leveraged into social media ads to generate leads for the builder and put your marketing directly in front of the right audience. This is a compelling way to grow your brand and engage with your sphere of clients who are looking for their next home. Ultimately, this will lead to more home sales for you. The best part is that you can start leveraging this marketing immediately.

Active Social Media Accounts

Whether you want to focus your entire marketing strategy on new construction or share some posts with your sphere, social media is a powerful tool for home builders. It is highly visual, perfect for showing off high-quality photos and videos of homes and offering an in-depth look at the building process and the team behind the business.

You can also post about upcoming events in the neighborhood to showcase your involvement and community spirit and announce possession dates for your clients so they know when their new home will be ready to move in. These small touches significantly affect how your clients feel about working with you.

SEO-Friendly Websites

The digital age means new home buyers are always online, researching and comparing homes to determine the best fit for their lifestyles. With this in mind, builders must offer optimized websites to make them search engine-friendly.

SEO-friendly website design focuses on ensuring that the content of a webpage is relevant to what people are searching for. This includes integrating keywords in the page title, meta description, and URL.

It also ensures that the content of each web page is well-organized and easily understood. This will keep visitors on the page longer, delivering a favorable signal to Google that the site is worthy of higher placement in search results.

Finally, SEO-friendly website design ensures that each page’s loading speed is fast enough. This can be done through activities like image optimization. A slow-loading website can be a turn-off for users, who will likely leave the page before it loads.

Personalized Email Marketing

Personalized email marketing allows businesses to deliver one-to-one communications more relevant to users’ interests and needs. This type of email can be sent based on data collected by businesses or as part of more extensive campaigns automatically generated when a user takes specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing.

For example, some businesses include a subscriber’s first name in their subject line or email copy to create a more personal touch and increase the likelihood that the email will be opened. Businesses can use email personalization by segmenting their lists based on data and sending customized emails to each group.

Companies can also leverage tools to create customized email copy by identifying target audiences and crafting the right message for each recipient. Personalized onboarding emails are another great way to encourage subscribers to engage with a brand after signing up for an account or purchasing.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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