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Below you will find a list of the best businesses to start on Christmas day and the date of the wise men. What is the most sold in December? What is it that most people buy with pleasure, satisfaction and infinite joy?

In the month of December and in the new year, consumerism is rampant, we give and receive gifts; almost all businesses are prosperous. But there are some business ideas that are especially profitable in these seasons. And become a good option to start and sell Christmas products. Let’s see:

Decoration with Christmas lights:Christmas day

You have to go beyond just hanging strip light bulbs. Those who are dedicated to decorating with Christmas lights have the great ingenuity to create wonderful ornaments. With white lights, it can give the impression of snow falling on the roof or resting on natural trees. This service is not limited to homes but can be lent to offices and restaurants.

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Dress up as Santa Claus:

It’s a way to get extra money at Christmas day parties. The big businesses and shopping centers seek to hire people who are willing to put on the red suit and give a real and loud laughter while the children are dispatched to ask for their Christmas gifts.

Sale of Christmas trees:Christmas day

You can start a company that is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of Christmas trees. This type of business although makes its big sales in the month of December must start its processes at the beginning of the year. Of course, in addition to trees, you can sell all kinds of ornaments such as Christmas balls, lights, managers, decorative figures, such as donkeys, sheep, kings shepherds, in short, everything that in your country is a typical Christmas item; You can even consider exporting your products. Do not be discouraged by the fact that they are seasonal items if you make large or sufficient contracts it can be a business that solves your income for the whole year.

Gift shop:

It is said that on Christmas day and the wise men each person receives on average four gifts and gives six. For this reason, it is time to consider undertaking with the business idea that we explain in the article: ” Gift business: ten ideas to make it profitable “.

Gift packaging:

Packing gifts can be a skill well paid, of course, as long as this skill is distinguished by its almost artistic details. Consider completing this service with the sale of personalized Christmas cards.

Sell Christmas baskets or rings:

A basket or Ancheta de Navidad is a set of foods gathered in a basket decorated with Christmas motifs. Yes, the job is to collect food such as custards, cakes, sweet bread, wines, chocolates, and cookies put them in a basket or some other container, put a red bow and sell them by unit or wholesale to companies to give them to their friends. employees.

Christmas dinner vendor:Christmas day

The big brands of cold cuts are looking for sellers of Christmas dinners, that is, you will be a sales representative; your job is to go to companies and sell turkey by installments. ” Take your turkey and pay it in comfortable monthly installments .” It is a product that every year sells very well in times of Christmas, it seems that people around this time have a tendency to copy American customs.

Preparation of Christmas day cards:

Given that 100% email is used today, giving a personalized card becomes a wonderful detail. Giving Christmas cards is a practice of yesteryear that many are paying to rescue and give a gift with more heart to their loved ones.

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Caring for pets or pet nurseries:

What does a pet daycare have to do with Christmas day? December and New Year are one of the seasons where most families go on a trip. And usually, their beloved and sweet pet is not in the plans. With whom to leave it? This is where you come to earn good money with your daycare and pet care service.

Sale of calendars or almanacs:

Design a calendar for next year. Be creative, what would an ideal calendar look like? What would you put as an image in each month? Maybe, you have a good idea, plant it to an illustrator or look for the images on the internet, send print calendars and make personalized or wholesale sales in companies.

Photos with Santa Claus:Christmas day

It is a very fun and easy way to earn money at Christmas. You must create a Christmas scenario such as a chimney with snow, your grandfather disguises it as Santa Claus, arrange the scene with good lighting and charge the children of your neighborhood to take a picture. If you are a photographer, you can take the photo. And take the client’s data to send it framed or in such a way that you offer added value. You can go to the administration of a shopping center. And ask to rent a small space for two weeks, in that space, you can develop this idea; You will have to pay for the rent but the number of customers will be great.

Chocolate shop with Christmas motifs:

You can sell chocolates in the shape of Christmas decorations. You can get the molds at any confectionery distributor. There are people who make money just selling a normal chocolate. And the only thing they do is decorate it with a package or Christmas motif. Of course, the idea is not limited to chocolates. You can do business with all kinds of sweets or typical products of your country.

Christmas day characters clothing:

In our times everyone wants to be disguised, both children and adults are involved in body and soul with the celebrations. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find that the sale of Santa Claus outfits is booming for these seasons. A good idea is to bring large quantities of Santa hats (also called Christmas caps) from China and sell them in your city. You can make them yourself if you think you can be more profitable. You can even sell Christmas caps for pets.

Since we are talking about clothes, consider starting a yellow underwear business. If in your country they are fond of the omens, then you will know that this type of clothing sells a lot in December.

Rent rooms for business parties at the end of the year:Christmas day

Medium and large companies are looking since the beginning of the year for a place to celebrate their end of the year. If you have a large room, you can rent it for a good price. The good thing about this endeavor is that the room is rented throughout the year for all kinds of events. Such as birthdays, weddings or other receptions.

For me, these are the best businesses to start at Christmas, for sure you have some idea outside the list; if you know of any share it in the comments.

I take this opportunity to wish all the followers of the blog a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. My wish is that we all continue with a strong and enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. Congratulations!

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