Working in an Office – How to Make the Most of the Office Environment

Going into the office is not many peoples first choice of activity, but as so many of us work in office environments it is good to make the office space a place that is pleasant and where people can be happy and comfortable.

Having staff in the office that are happy and in an environment that they enjoy will increase productivity as well as reducing staff turnover, so it makes sense to make the office environment a pleasant one.

If you want to improve your office, here are a few tips on how to do it…

Add some Greenery – Greenery and plants make a place much more pleasant to be in. They are known to boost mood as well as oxygenate the room. Adding plants to the office is a great way to make the place feel more enjoyable to be in, and less barren or stark. Nature and greenery has a really positive effect on people so this is why we find places with lots of plants calming. You don’t have to go overboard, but you can certainly look at a few plants that do well in offices, such as snake plant and of course spider plants. Even cacti add a fun and interesting plant species to a space.

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A Good Layout – Having a good layout is crucial in the effective running of the office and is a really good way to ensure that things run smoothly – an office that runs smoothly of course means that staff are generally happier. You could look at how the layout is already and see where you might be able to make changes. For example, if there is a specific cupboard or piece of equipment that some use more than others, position those that use it most more closely to it.

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New furniture like that from Gloucester office furniture company Severn Furnishing Ltd can also dramatically improve the space. Particularly if the furniture in there currently is a bit old or worn, or simply not fit for purpose! Chairs in particular should be regularly checked to ensure that they are still offering the correct support for the back and neck.

Encourage Teamwork – Something that every successful workplace has is good teamwork. When people work well together it doesn’t just increase the positivity in the office, but it also increases the productivity. Encourage team exercises and group activities which help to foster a good team spirit and get people working together on various projects. Look at all the different personalities in the team and think about how you can bring out their best side. Encouragement is key here, so maybe start with looking at things like team building days to start it off and then see where you can progress from there.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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