How to open a corporate blog and why

open a corporate blog

Optimize your business: How to open a corporate blog and why it is important?

The Business to Business marketers who use a corporate blog in their business communication strategy have reached 67% more users and leads in the last three years.

The statistics reported by the Hubspot and Business2Community platforms are clear: opening a corporate blog is a decisive and essential step for businesses that want to enhance their online existence.

Most small and medium-sized companies invest their online resources in the development of a discrete corporate site and in the management, often reduced to the bare minimum, of the Social Networks. These activities are essential to have good visibility on search engines, but they are not sufficient: to reach new potential customers and exploit the potential of the web optimally, it is essential, in fact, to improve direct communication with users and share experiences with them.

In order to develop an ideal communication with its customers it is essential to open a corporate blog, or an online space dedicated exclusively to the publication of articles regarding the possible topics of interest for the target of corporate users. Opening a quality blog allows the business not only to improve its web reputation, but also to improve in the field of SEO and then position itself effectively within search engines.

But what are the methods to open a corporate blog and manage it effectively?

open a corporate blog

How to open a corporate blog

If you have decided to optimize your online business and open a business blog, you should know how to do it optimally

1 # Buy a domain and choose a name

Before buying a domain, or the online space in which to create your own page, it is good to make sure that it is not a registered trademark or that it is not similar to that of a competitor in order not to run into privacy or branding issues. It is also recommended the purchase of a top-level domain as it allows a margin of customization of particularly high content. Finally, the name of the domain should usually coincide with the name of the activity for a question of immediacy and online recognition.

2 # Choose hosting

Hosting means the network service that allows the company web page to be placed inside a server. The most popular hosting are ServerPlan, Siteground, GoDaddy and Bluehost: to start, network services are recommended that do not involve too much traffic and that have economic plans specifically designed for companies without particular online experiences.

3 # Choose the position of the blog: internal or external to the company website

It is possible to open a company blog either within an existing site, as a folder or subdomain, or separately from the web page, thus acquiring new domains and hosting. To promote positioning within search engines and for a question of branding it is always recommended to open a blog with the same domain of the company page.

4 # Install the appropriate CMS: WordPress

Following the purchase of a domain and the choice of a hosting is necessary to install the CMS: the most used and easiest to use CMS is WordPress, an open source platform that allows even the less experienced to manage a blog in an optimal manner. WordPress is in direct relation with Google: the contents produced on WordPress are easily indexable for the search engine.

5 # Choose the template

The choice of theme is fundamental for a blog: the aesthetic impact that a web page has on visitors determines 50% of its success. It is essential that the graphics of a corporate blog be light, with a simple and clean HTML code and above all with a Responsive design, i.e. with a design capable of optimally adapting to all types of devices without disturbing them. WordPress offers free and paid templates, but it is always recommended to entrust the graphic design of the blog to a professional.

open a corporate blog

Why is it important to open a corporate blog?

Opening a company blog is an indispensable activity for all those who want to optimize their online activities; in fact, the sharing of content within the blog allows the company to improve some business processes reaching significant goals:

Intercept customers

Opening a corporate blog allows users to find business content posted in the blog through informational research, in other words by simply doing a search through a search engine related to topics covered in published articles. In order to intercept new potential customers, it is essential to insert specific keywords within the articles: an SEO oriented writing able to optimize the content produced is the key to intercepting users’ needs.

Improve corporate web reputation

Creating a successful corporate blog allows you to reduce the distances between the company and its potential customers. Publishing articles produced in first person is essential to personalize your work and to give a clear and precise image to the company: the blog should not be a simple archive of news, but a bridge between company and customer.

Retain users

Opening a company blog will be able to retain their users not only thanks to the production of interesting content, but trying to publish within the web page of extra content such as images, videos or e-books: the ability to access this content can convince the customer to subscribe to the email marketing lists or to follow the company’s activities on the social networks.

Get inbound links and improve SEO ranking

The publication of articles concerning interesting contents for the company target, but at the same time not strictly related to the brand in question, can be an effective tool for obtaining incoming links. To do SEO, links are needed and to get quality links, the production of highly specific and optimized content is essential. The market analysis carried out by Hubspot shows, in fact, that companies engaged in blogging activities receive 92% more links than those that do not own a company blog.

Collect testimonials from industry influencers

Blogs are the most suitable format for hosting interviews or testimonies of authoritative figures in their field …

A page chosen by a qualified and recognized personality to convey a message is easily demonstrated as a reliable and specialized source. Moreover, sharing an interview with an influencer can allow the company to take advantage of the possibility of “reposting” that is the opportunity to repeatedly share the declarations made by citing the blog itself as a source.

open a corporate blog

Open a corporate blog: Tips before starting

Opening a company blog is an investment of time and energy and requires the right preparation, here are three activities to be carried out before opening your blog …

1) Search for the relevant public

The choice of the target audience is essential to set the type of content to be explored in the blog articles: identifying the target audience it is possible to analyze the needs and hypothetical online research, trying to produce relevant content in order to be tracked by users.

2) Create an editorial plan

In order to be successful, it is necessary to post articles on a regular basis: the consistency in the publication allows, in fact, the reader to establish a precise frequency in visiting the company blog. To monitor the situation and manage the blog in an optimal way it is essential to develop an editorial plan that summarizes the publication activity of all the articles.

3) Make Bench Marking: Analyze the competition

Before choosing the topics for the articles analyze which links are most clicked by your potential customers, study the methodologies of content marketing applied by the competition and collect the results of your analysis in Excel files to have a very specific action plan. In this way you will be able to publish posts with qualified and interesting content that will allow you to increase the visibility of the blog.

Do you want to grow your business and improve your business results?

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