An introduction to video banner ads

Video banner ads are a type of HTML banner ad that contains video content, and often audio too. These ads are considered highly effective and are easier than you think to create. Let’s check out what video banner ads really are and why you need to consider them.

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What is a video banner ad?

A video banner ad is a type of HTML banner ad that is typically found along the top or down the sides of a website, although it can appear in another position on the page. The ad contains moving video imagery, which is embedded into the banner. It is sometimes combined with overlaying text and logos and can sometimes be expanded. This type of ad will frequently also feature audio.

Typically, the video will automatically start to play when the page loads and will loop as long as the page remains open. The ad will sometimes start without audio, with the audio only playing when a user clicks on the advert; alternatively, users may need to hover over the ad to start the video. In recent years, video banner ads have become one of the most popular types of internet advertising.

Advantages of video banner ads

What these ads do is combine the traditional and highly effective video-based ad format that we all grew up watching on television with a visible and clickable web format. The result is a truly dynamic form of advertising. Today, it is one of the most effective ways of communicating with potential customers. Unlike a TV video ad, however, the viewer can engage with the ad by clicking on it and landing on your website. Unlike static HTML banner ads, the message is much harder to ignore.

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It doesn’t look like video banner ads are going anywhere and if you are looking for a new way to build an online presence and create more click-throughs, this kind of ad could be the answer. Video-based HTML banner ads are a truly dynamic form of advertising that offers the best of both the new world and the old world of advertising.

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