4 Easy business opportunities for your free time

business opportunities

Sometimes, taking advantage of business opportunities that arise is complicated mainly for two reasons: For lack of time or lack of financial resources.

Now, if what you are looking for is to generate extra income every month, using your free time, we took on the task of looking for business opportunities, that require little effort and that are quick, to achieve it.

However, it is important to clarify that, like everything in life, these business opportunities require your work and dedication, so you should invest part of your time to make them work.

The interesting thing about these business opportunities is that they are in trend, so you will find plenty of information, online courses and others that will help you perfect your art.

Easy business opportunities for your free time:

1. Conducting surveys:

business opportunitiesMaking money doing surveys is something that many people do in their free time. You will not earn much money but you can add up some amounts that do not go bad every month.

Keep in mind that for every survey you do you can earn around $ 1 and it will take about 2 minutes of time. Therefore, how much money to earn will depend on you.

Among the sites where you can earn money doing surveys, we highlight ClixSense, Myiyo, Hiving, GlobalTestMarket, American Consumer Opinion and Future Talkers. Although there are many more. Continue reading: How to make money writing from home in 4 easy steps

2. Sale of products in the Free Market:

business opportunitiesThe Internet is something that we all use in our daily lives and offers many business opportunities. One of the most powerful is the sale of products.

Today you can sell almost any type of product or service through the network. The important thing is to know how to advertise it in an attractive way and offer confidence to the user or potential consumer.

In the case of offering a service, it needs a higher level of dedication, so focus on business opportunities that involve products as it will be much easier.

You can sell clothing, accessories, technology or music that you have in your house.

The other option that is on the rise is buying wholesale fashion products and selling them at a higher price. It can be easy, in fact, sometimes you will only have to deal with the shipment to the buyer.

3. Earn money using an App:

business opportunitiesWhat we are going to see next, may not be listed among the options or business opportunities themselves, but it can be a good source of income.

There are many Apps with which to interact with them, by receiving SMS, by unlocking the mobile, by chatting with your friends or by taking a photo in X place they give you money.

Some of them are BeRuby (it’s an app for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, and Mexico), Chad2Win (exclusively for Latin America) or Sapporo (English).

It can be a simple way to earn extra money simply by watching a video or by receiving a message to your mobile.

4. Tourist guide of your city:

business opportunitiesSurely you know pretty well your city, or place of residence. So, why not take advantage of the weekends to show what it is like, take a tour, go to the best places to eat and meet new people.

You only have to prepare with some historical data or curiosities to tell and enjoy. You can sign up on any platform, sign up as a guide in a “free tour” of a city or publicize your services online.

In conclusion, if you commit to these business opportunities, and dedicate part of your free time to work in them, be constant and creative, you can generate income in your free time.

It may seem complicated at first, and that things do not go as you thought at the beginning, but if you persist and overcome the inertia, those results that seemed impossible, will gradually become your reality.

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Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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