Why Every Cleaning Business Needs Insurance

Whether you are cleaning in homes or fulfilling commercial contracts in giant office blocks, your cleaning business needs some sort of insurance. You might think you can get by without insurance but you could be risking grabbing yourself a hefty bill, which eats into your capital in a serious way. Here are some of the reasons why you should get cleaning insurance to cover yourself.

Fall Damage

You have just finished mopping the kitchen floor when your client comes in and slips on the wet tiles. They are angry and demand that you pay the medical fees for the treatment of their now twisted ankle.

This might be completely unexpected for you and cause a bit of stress if your business does not have the capital needed to cover the cost of such damage. Insurance can help you here.

Property Damage

Being allowed into someone’s home or business unfortunately opens up a lot of opportunity for accidental property damage. You could knock over some priceless art or drop a bucket of water on an expensive rug. The client would be well within their rights to claim some compensation from you for their ruined goods. In such a scenario, you may find yourself having to pay for quite an expensive item.

Insurance may be able to save you from handing over money for an item you cannot afford to replace. Most cleaner’s insurance policies come with some sort of property damage clause.

Professional Error

Accidents happen all the time. All it takes is one momentary slip of judgement and you have made a grave professional error. You could have put a load of laundry on at the wrong temperature, you could have used the wrong cleaning product on a piece of furniture; the list is endless.

Everyone has their off days, that is why some cleaning business insurance at Next Insurance have professional liability clauses. These help you to rectify the simple mistakes you have made so that you can go back to doing what you do best.

Loss of Keys

If you clean a property while the owner is at work (or out-of-hours if it is a commercial property), you may be given a set of keys to allow you access. You should therefore look for a policy with a loss of keys clause. This means that in the unlikely event that you lose your keys, you will not only be able to replace them with a new set, you can potentially cover any additional security changes which are made.

A private client may understandably want the locks changed if you lose a set of keys. You need some way to ensure that you can cover this cost and the right insurance policy will be the solution you are looking for.

As you can see, cleaning insurance has more benefits than you might have expected. If you are a self-employed cleaner looking for something to help you out with your business, consider taking out a policy today. You never know when you might need to use it.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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