How to compete against big businesses  with your SEO strategy

Small businesses can struggle to establish themselves when they are competing against big businesses, but you can use the internet to help.

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When it comes to the internet, it doesn’t matter who is the most established. Instead, it is all about using web design and SEO strategy to stand out.

Here’s how your SEO strategy can help you to compete against bigger businesses and become lead in your field. Here you can find the best eCommerce SEO experts for your business.

Find a niche

If you want your small business to stand out online, you should try to find a niche. There are many benefits to serving a niche market, and one of the main ones is increased online exposure. For example, there are lots of businesses that sell bikes online, but if you specialise in providing children’s bikes in Wales, you are more likely to appear in searches in the area.

Use local services to your advantage

If you are a local business, there are lots of local services that you can use to promote your business, from online directories such as Yelp to town websites that list local services. Take the time to list your business on all of the online local services that you can find as this will help to increase your local online exposure so you connect with more potential customers.

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Create a long-tail keyword strategy

Keywords are an essential part of online marketing, especially if you are still trying to establish yourself. Try to use long-tail keyword strategies (such as phrases like “tips for installing pipes in your bathroom” rather than just “bathroom pipes”) to reach out to users who are already seeking out services that are similar to yours.

These keywords are used less frequently than short keywords, so it is easier to rank highly. Therefore, long-tail keywords should be a part of your website design.

Become an authority

One of the easiest ways to establish yourself if you are a small business is to become a trustworthy authority within your industry. You can do this by offering a blog with relevant industry news and useful tips, as this will show potential customers that you know what you are talking about, helping to increase customer trust.

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