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Beyond the catwalks and exclusive parties, fashion is present at every moment and even is a means by which people can express their image and creativity. “Clothes have a lot of power. It is a language that you use without realizing it. Because with it, you transmit who you are and what you like, “says Mexican designer Carla Fernandez.

In fact, this industry has become very relevant in our country, reporting a growth of 36% in the last five years according to the consulting firm Euromonitor International. The increase in points of sale of retailers throughout the country and the aggressive expansion plans of foreign brands in Mexico are some of the reasons for this growth, according to the consultancy.

On the other hand, Deloitte considers that electronic commerce has played an important role in this development. And it makes sense because according to the Mexican Internet Association, 59% of electronic transactions in 2017 were made in clothing stores, footwear, and accessories.

Another interesting fact is that 4.6% of the annual budget of Mexican households is destined to this item, which represents 5,301 pesos on average, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography ( Inegi ).

Mexican brands have also contributed to the growth of this industry. According to data from the National Chamber of the Garment Industry ( Canaive ) each year, 10,000 fashion designers graduate from universities in Mexico. They are added to the garment segment, which represents 2.4% of the manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Another example of this is the 30 franchise chains that operate in the country and belong to the fashion industry, including footwear and accessories, according to the Entrepreneur 500 Entrepreneur Franchise Directory 2018.

Below, we present 10 options that may be the opportunity you have been looking to undertake in this turnaround. Take note, calculate your budget and returns and start your entrepreneurial adventure with the right foot.

1. D ‘Paul

The male market is also a big fashion consumer. Therefore, the company D ‘Paul decided to exploit this niche with a concept dedicated to the sale and rent of fine clothes for men. Among its products are tails, jackets, tuxedos, suits, togas, and mortarboards. It also complements its offer with accessories and tailored tailoring service.

Given that this brand, with 47 years of experience, is the only nationwide that makes its own garments, they detected the opportunity to grow through the franchise model. Currently has 39 units in 31 cities and 22 states of the Mexican Republic.

In order to grow this network, it looks for hard-working, responsible entrepreneurs willing to invest at least two hours a day to the business and approximately 1 million 600,000 pesos. This investment is recovered in an average of 15 to 18 months and the branches must be located in commercial premises at street level.

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2. Essenzia Espanolafranchise

The cherry of the cake. This is how Essenzia Espanola describes bridal fashion within the fashion sector in general.

This company, founded in 1972, knows that every bride that enters any of its 25 stores in Mexico represents a challenge and comes full of hope. The objective of the brand is to meet your expectations. According to Jaime Abadi, its franchise director, “this is a heritage business, very traditional and of great value that also represents an enormous opportunity to invest. Our clients are willing to spend their savings on the dress of their dreams, something that will never happen with a pair of jeans. “

The interested entrepreneur must have availability to attend the store at least four hours a day, as well as good treatment capacity because the idea is to personally treat customers.

The total investment is 2 million 800,000 pesos and includes the franchise fee, the adaptation of the premises and the merchandise. The return on investment is calculated between 28 and 32 months. The place must be located at the foot of a street with good pedestrian traffic.

3. Holy Sheep

Personalization is a current trend in many industries: individualized gifts, unique desserts, tailor-made experiences. The fashion sector has not been left behind, and proof of this is the Holy Sheep franchise, a company founded three years ago.

This brand offers garments for men, women, and children with their own designs or that their clients can create from scratch through their website. The idea is to make unique products come true using personal images and their ideas. The brand complements its offer by selling paintings and photobooks with a professional finish, which people can also design directly on their website.

Holy Sheep has 15 branches in which they serve more than 3,000 people each month. It seeks to continue growing through the franchise model, for which it requires an investment of 250,000 pesos, which will be recovered in approximately 20 months.

4. Kiwi Accessoriesfranchise

The accessories give the final touch to the personal image and can enhance a garment or a fashion ensemble. Sell them by the hand of a recognized brand. Such as Kiwi Accesorios, which offers a collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made of 18-carat gold-plated material. And semiprecious stone details, made in Mexico and at affordable prices.

The format to operate this business is completely flexible since entrepreneurs can be part of their distribution network through direct sales or with the exhibition of their products in stores or kiosks within shopping centers. This means that since each franchisee decides the way in which he wants to sell.

The investment required to join this network is 25,000 pesos. And includes inventory, a point of sale system and a virtual office. These platforms are used to place orders, control inventory and monitor distribution networks. According to the company, the return on investment is calculated from four to eight months.

5. Cococlassfranchise

Beauty has no size. However, the founders of this brand realized that the supply of oversized garments was very limited in Mexico. Under this premise and with the aim of providing quality products and fashion for today’s woman, Cococlass emerged.

It is a store dedicated to the commercialization of garments that highlight the feminine beauty in extra large sizes, by means of exclusive designs at affordable prices. It complements its offer with comfort footwear in large size, personalized attention and image consulting for its clients.

The total investment is 1 million 300,000 pesos, which is recovered in 20 months. And includes the concepts of initial payment, working capital of three months, initial inventory and technical assistance. The units must be located in stores within shopping centers. And the entrepreneur who operates the business must have a taste for fashion and vocation for customer service.

6. Incognito

More than 11,500 companies produce shoes in the country. And their creations reach more than 40 countries in the world, according to ProMexico. And only in León, Guanajuato, the supply of footwear generates more than 35,000 jobs, reports the Association of Industrial Suppliers of Mexico (Apimex).

Incognita was born in 1997 with the backing of more than 50 years of experience in the shoemaker world by its founders. It offers two business models: catalog sales and franchises. The latter serve their distributors throughout the Republic, supplying them with products such as clothing, footwear. And whites from prestigious national brands.

To be part of its network, made up of 75 units in the country. The approximate total investment ranges from 285,000 to 335,000 pesos, depending on the location chosen. The investment is recovered between 10 and 14 months and with it, the first client portfolio is acquired, 350 packages of catalogs, access to annual conventions, exclusivity of territory, assistance and training among other benefits.

7. Zingarafranchise

The tourist activity in Mexico registered a record figure during 2017 with 39.3 million passers-by, according to the Ministry of Tourism. The national beaches are undoubtedly the favorite destinations for both Mexicans and foreigners. Which represents an excellent opportunity to undertake fashion, with an emphasis on the niche of swimwear and accessories for the beach.

For more than 30 years, Zingara has positioned itself as one of the main brands focused on serving this market. Currently has 81 points of sale; central offices in Mexico City, Cancun, and Uruguay; and two own logistics and distribution centers in the country’s capital and Quintana Roo.

The approximate total investment to be part of this company is $ 200,000, with a return on investment of 42 months. The brand offers its customers a wide range of products from swimwear and beachwear to exercise clothes and accessories. Although their main market is women, they also have lines for men and boys.

8. Gallantdale uniforms

For health professionals, the uniform is not only part of their needs. But it helps them to give a touch of elegance, comfort, and confidence within their profession. Upon detecting this opportunity, the Gallantdale Uniforms company emerged. A concept of specialized boutiques that provide a distinctive touch to the clothing of health and gastronomy professionals. The range of products offered ranges from Philippine, pants, gowns, and aprons to vests, caps, accessories, and footwear.

To be part of this network, which until now totals 20 units. And the total investment of 1 million pesos plus VAT is necessary. This amount includes the franchise fee, exhibition furniture, one-third of the initial stock, civil works and necessary adaptations to the premises. The return on investment is calculated between 12 and 24 months. And it is recommended that the unit is located at street level near health centers and shops. In 2017, the brand was recognized with the National Franchise Award, in the Retail category.

9. Jaime Ibizafranchise

This brand began more than 20 years ago selling through distributors, both independent and in department stores. It was not until last year that he explored the franchise model to grow with Jaime Ibiza boutiques. Her core business is women’s handbags but she has integrated complementary lines such as purses, wallets, cosmetics, belts, charms, and sunglasses.

In addition to being able to locate the franchised units in commercial premises. The company offers the option of the corner and mini corner, in which 60% of each collection launched is sold). The total investment depends on the format, which ranges from 1 million to 2 million 500,000 pesos. And is recovered between 18 and 24 months.

The Mexican brand seeks committed franchisees, with business knowledge and business experience. In addition to its four stores in Mexico, it has a presence in four countries in Latin America.

10. Pia Caterinafranchise

There are special occasions of a great tradition for Mexicans. The baptism of children is one of them. The Pia Caterina brand found a need of the market that decided to satisfy with clothes made by craftsmen. At affordable prices, with unique details and with an extensive variety of models. In addition, in its stores are sold girl and boy clothes, candles, shoes, sheets and amber products, among others.

To be part of its network, it is necessary a total investment of approximately 220,000 pesos plus VAT, to locate the store in a commercial establishment. This includes 100,000 pesos of inventory, an iPad for business administration, training, control systems, replenishment, and advice. According to the brand, this amount is recovered in eight to 12 months.

Currently, it has 50 units, which offer personalized attention to its customers and the added value of having 100% Mexican and high-quality products.

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