How to start a boat cleaning business

boat cleaning

Today we all want to travel within or outside our country, visit other places and so on, for this reason, one of the most attractive activities for this, are cruises and trips on boats from which it is possible to see islands, the sea, cities, etc. There are many businesses that are dedicated to offering boat cleaning business activity. But few who are dedicated to cleaning these means of transport so desired.

Probably when thinking of a profitable business idea as entrepreneurs, the boat cleaning business is not the first thing that comes to mind. But the truth is that with the right approach and a good business plan. We can make this an income important for us.

Let’s see what we need to start a boat cleaning business:

Business activity

boat cleaningBoth internally and externally, ships need machines and correct processes that allow them not only to leave the surface of their walls impeccable. But also take care of the material and protect all its areas to prevent algae from adhering. For example. Well, the first thing is to define the type of audience we are going to address, in this case, the time to start your boat cleaning business. You can dedicate yourself to the exterior cleaning of the boat. Cleaning of engines and interior areas, cleaning of ship’s rooms, etc.

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It is very important that depending on the sector in which you want to initially locate, know all the care you must have for the time of the cleaning process. Essentially because not all areas are made of the same material and with this. Some may require care more intense than others. To this is added the management of the machines and systems that you use, of which you must have full knowledge.

Job material

boat cleaningTo know what you need before you start a boat cleaning business. You must do a previous investigation on the machines that are used for this type of tasks. For example, professional industrial machines, rotary cleaning machines, speed machines, cleaning instruments. And all kinds of objects that you will need for this process.


A person can be in charge of offering boat cleaning, this, as long as it is dedicated to areas such as the interior of the ship and a small ship. But when it is a large boat and we also offer outdoor boat cleaning. It will not be enough with only one person if we want to offer an efficient and fast service. Keep in mind that the need to hire staff little by little is becoming evident with the growth of the business. Ideally, at least two or three people start the activity. Make sure your staff is trained for the trade.

Licenses and permits

Like any business, you need to have specific permits and licenses to start your boat cleaning business activity. For this, it will be necessary that you go to the regulating entities of your city. And thus know the documents that you need to have and the procedures that you have to carry out.

Business plan

boat cleaningLast, but not least, we find the business plan, a document that consists of objectives, materials, personnel, training, resources and everything a business needs to start. One of the most important aspects that must be highlighted is that with the development of this document. We can obtain an estimate of the initial investment. That we must make since we include quotations of material, procedures, and others.

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