Six kitchen refurbishment ideas that add value

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the best ways to make the most of this essential space in your home. But did you know that it can also add value? Whether you are planning a kitchen refurbishment or looking for inspiration, here are six design ideas that will enhance your home’s value.
1. Kitchen Islands

Adding a kitchen island makes your kitchen a place for family and friends to gather, as well as giving you extra storage and workspace.

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  1. Storage

    Effective storage keeps your kitchen neat and well-organised. From walk-in pantries to vertical shelving, storage adds both functionality and design to your kitchen. More storage ideas can be found at

    3. Open Plan

    An open-plan kitchen design allows for a free flow of movement in your home. In kitchens, this type of layout means you can create different zones, such as formal dining areas or more relaxed seating.

    4. Accent Colours

    Using an accent colour on a wall, then repeating it in smaller amounts throughout, can tie different areas together for a more holistic feel. According to the Independent the colour you paint a wall can uplift your mood, so choose a colour that makes you feel happy.

    5. Energy-Efficient Appliances

    Choosing energy-efficient appliances such as cookers, dishwashers and refrigerators not only saves you money on your energy bills but could also add value to your home if they are integrated.

    6. Ambient Lighting

    Different lighting options in a kitchen give you choices when creating an ambience. For example, bright lighting is ideal during food preparation, whereas lower lighting creates a cosy atmosphere.

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A kitchen refurbishment can transform your lifestyle and sense of well-being. By considering these tips, you can create the perfect kitchen and boost the value of your home too.

Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor

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