Great speeches from the ages.

The power of the human voice and the human delivering it is an incredible force of nature. Here are some of the most notable down through the ages. All had one purpose and reason, to sway the masses or set the agenda. Many affected social change or gave a nation and its people resolve. Of course today we can watch these speeches in the comfort of our own homes through the television. If your pictures aren’t clear then consult with a TV Aerial Installation Cardiff company like to have this fixed. Here are some of the top speeches of all time.

  1. In Ancient Athens it was the done thing to honour those that died in war. As they were mixing it with the toughnuts from Sparta and the huge Persian Empire to give one’s life to protect the city state was a great honour. You lay in state for three days and then an Athenian bigwig would come along and say how great you were. On the occasion of the Funeral Oration of Pericles things took a rather grand turn. The great orator is very keen to exult the dead and then to exhort the living to step up to the level of the war dead. He also praises Athens and how great it is.

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  1. Queen Elizabeth the first and her speech to the Troops at Tilbury Docks is quite an amazing bit of rhetoric and motivation. As she gave it as the Spanish Armada was on its way to capture England, burn the Queen as a protestant Witch and return it to the Roman Catholic faith that her Father had ended. She delivers the line of how she may have the body of a weak and feeble woman but the heart of a King to get the troops going. As it was they never landed being destroyed by Drake and then forced into the North Sea by the weather conditions.
Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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