Doing some desk Yoga.

We all sit around too much. Not being able to move is having a serious effect on our bodies and mind. As we work increasingly sedentary roles the need to get up and move is vital. However, there is a type of exercise that means you don’t have to get up too much and it is good for you. This is the style of desk Yoga. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise for the body and mind that can bring a great sense of well being and will also work your muscles. Having a decent desk is half the battle and if you need Next Day Delivery Desks then why not have a look at so you can see what is on offer.

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Here are a few moves that you can do to stretch out the spine and keep everything supple in your body. You can easily do these gentle exercises at your desk any time of the day. There is a rule that if you sit for 50 minutes then you should do 10 minutes of movement. One piece of advice: don’t overstretch yourself.

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  1. The twist in the seat. A nice easy one to start. Place your right hand on the left hand armrest and look behind you raising your left arm. Reverse and repeat breathing out as you do.
  2. Find inner peace. Make sure your feet are totally flat on the floor. Close your eyes. Put your hands to your sides, straighten your back and breath deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. Listen to your body.

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