Survey reveals that 89 per cent of research participants would volunteer again

Eighty-nine percent of volunteers who took part in medical trials would do so again if it would benefit NHS treatments and healthcare worldwide a survey has shown.

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What is a medical trial?

When a pharmaceutical company has developed a new drug and wants it to be used by the wider public then it must obtain a licence for the product. To do so, healthy volunteers are recruited to try a suitable drug or treatment within a hospital-like environment where the effects can be monitored. These findings can then be used to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of a product, so a licence can be given.

The NHS and medical trials

The National Institute for Health Research positively endorse the use of medical trials. Its website explains the huge benefits and vital role of research in improving the treatments and services provided by the NHS. The institute conducts an annual Patient Research Experience Survey which collects valuable information about the experiences of those volunteering to take part.

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Varied treatments

Medical trials vary in size, length and type across the world. They can be undertaken to combat the side effects of certain medication; a research study gave antibiotics to patients who take aspirin to thin the blood. It is believed that antibiotics can prevent a common side effect of taking aspirin regularly such as stomach bleeding.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation performed a large trial to test a typhoid vaccine which could save millions of lives of adults and children in developing countries where they do not have the resources to carry out such research.

Research trials do not always involve medication. Dementia patients have been given touchscreen computers to test whether technology could improve social interactions and leisure time.

Why take part?

Volunteers are helping to create drugs and treatments of the future that will benefit others worldwide as healthy human volunteers are essential to this part of the development process. Paid clinical trials are offered by companies such as so you are paid for the time that you give whilst being secure in the knowledge that you are helping others.

Medical trials are an integral part of ongoing research and developments in the healthcare sector. Most people who take part have a positive experience and would sign up to volunteer again in the future.


Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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