Five Reasons to Work Towards Your Scrum Master Certification

Why do you need Scrum master certification? Have you been faced with questions like this from your management? Agile and Scrum are well established in the industry now. One might assume that good practice just happens – that it’s all common sense. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why Scrum training and certification are an excellent business investment.

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For a rookie Scrum master on their first project, building confidence is key. Running daily stand-ups and sprint reviews and thinking on your feet will release plenty of adrenaline. Getting the best out of your team requires confidence. How else can you motivate them to solve complex challenges? Certification brings skills and knowledge and a feeling that you are gaining experience in the right direction.


This is not about your CV or looking for a new job. Certification will show that you have the right approach, skills and knowledge, helping you prove to your management that you can improve quality and productivity in other parts of the business.

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Management will (rightly) be cautious about implementing Scrum. New techniques are best proven on a pilot project so that the benefits and risks can be understood. Having a qualified Scrum master can help to reassure management that the implementation has the best chance of success.

Strengthen the Company

Training for the Scrum master is a key investment. Courses are available such as Scrum Master Training Dublin from Companies often find that two or more individuals training together can buddy up, providing mutual support while growing the use of Scrum across the company.

Agile Approach

The team will become more familiar with Agile processes. This is the time to reinforce an Agile approach to challenges. A qualified Scrum master can nourish a team mind-set to problem-solving and innovation, enabling high productivity and collaboration. The British Computer Society identifies some of the benefits of the approach here:

Scrum master certification is a high-value asset whether you are new to Scrum and want to accelerate up the learning curve or an experienced practitioner looking to strengthen yourself, your team and your company. Good practice doesn’t just happen, and it’s not all common sense. There are some strong arguments here to help you persuade your management of the benefits.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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