How to reorganise your warehouse to run more efficiently

There are lots of options to revolutionise warehouse efficiency. You could invest in better technology, but some are simpler interventions.

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Some may be tried and tested but there are also new solutions out there click here.

Telescopic handlers

Telescopic forward-reach booms are more flexible than standard forklifts. Switching to this type of handler should vastly improve operational efficiency across the entire warehouse.

They allow you to optimise available space, and can also be used outdoors, as you can directly manoeuvre goods onto a vehicle from a trailer, shelf or stack. You save space on loading and also for unloading from shelving Ireland based companies offer. You get more scope in terms of how you can store products – the telescopic arm can access pallets at varying heights and depths.

Smart storage

Take another look at your storage. Could you increase available space by at least 50% using higher density pallet racking? It could also free up floor space for other work that needs to take place in the same space, and provide much needed options to increase capacity.

You could consider basic aisle pallet racks to sophisticated pallet shuttle style rack solution. Installing a new design to your rack space offers a window of reflection to reassess storage strategy overall.

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The smart options don’t end there. Why not consider integrating automation elements? A popular developing technique is AS/RS where small items can easily be located and retrieved. AS/RS systems can also retrieve from larger deep rack systems to bring items to human warehouse staff, exponentially increasing expedition and performance as you configure locations to exploit the benefits of this approach.

Training the workforce

Training courses have obvious benefits for current roles but can also fill those you’re finding difficult to resource or have yet to anticipate, by highlighting an individual’s capabilities and ambition that aren’t easy to spot during daily work.


Automation is now a reality rather than a goal, and robotics and other mechanised solutions can transfer individual pieces and entire pallets around your warehouse in a style employed by companies like Amazon.

Robots can take directives and calculate exactly where the item is located in the warehouse. They can support bulky shipments and remove risk of strain or injury to operatives. Human operators can be reassigned to the type of work requiring their input as robots take on menial tasks.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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