Renting A Van For Business Use

Whether one of your regular vans is in need of repairs, or you have a heavy workload and don’t want to buy a van if the additional demand won’t last, hiring a vehicle offers flexibility and affordability while ensuring that you have the vehicles that are necessary to be able to meet your workload. With some rental companies, you can use your own business insurance, and as well as vans it is even possible to rent large delivery trucks and freight trucks.

Ensure that you have the drivers to use an extra van. If you need two drivers, then they will both need to be able to show their licence in order to rent, and both will need to be aged over 21 for more rental companies. Having two drivers means that if your primary driver is off ill or unable to drive for any reason, you won’t have booked a van that will be sat idle while you are unable to take advantage of it, and having two drivers can always make long distance journeys easier.

Choose the size and type of van that you need, ensuring that it is large enough for your needs but not so large that it costs you an unnecessary amount of money. There are options ranging from Transit sized vans to Talbot vans, which can be driven on a standard driving licence, as well as much larger freight and shipping trucks. There are also additional options to consider beyond ensuring that you choose the most appropriate size.

Tail lifts can make it easier to load and unload a van, and are most often used for removal work and when the driver has to load and unload a lot of larger items from the back of a tall van. Sleeper trucks have sleeping compartments which make them ideal for long distance and overnight delivery journeys. Curtain sided trucks allow for items to be more easily and quickly added and removed from the back of the truck, and drop side trucks are open at the back and commonly used for rubbish removal or for moving earth, and allow for easier access to get to the contents.

If you already have insurance for a fleet of vehicles, then it may be more economical and more convenient to use your own, existing insurance policy. Check with the rental company that you are considering to ensure that this is a possibility, because if it is then you could save a considerable amount of money on the rental that you use.

Other options may also exist when renting a commercial vehicle. Short and long-term rentals can be customised to meet your demands, and some rental companies are able to meet last minute requirements, so even if a van breaks down, you may still have the option to be able to rent a replacement rather than having to delay a job, make a late delivery, or turn down contracts. You may even be allowed to use your own livery for the duration of a long-term rental.



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