15 good business to start 2018 to open franchise sectors

good business to start

The networks of franchises are today very numerous in almost all the activities and sectors of the economy. Among these, some are very promising and are good opportunities to seize, if you want to start as a franchise entrepreneur. Here are 15 good business to start 2018 that could be great opportunities for success.

Here are 15 Good business to start 2018 with franchise networks

1- The frozen yogurt is trendy!

good business to start

The concepts of frozen yogurt emancipate and find their public, especially through the design of different varieties and original tastes. This fast food segment is experiencing good growth and is one of the markets with growth potential in the coming years. A good opportunity for good business to start 2018, including franchises with networks like Yogurt Factory, which is preparing to participate in Franchise Expo Paris to present its concept. Opening a Yogurt Factory franchise requires a personal contribution of $ 60,000 and the entrance fee to the network is $ 15,000.

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2- Tacos, the spirit Mexicans version

Under the impulse of a growing demand for fast food and original concepts, tacos are currently experiencing a huge success in France. This success is mainly due to its originality but also its reasonably accessible price. You can good business to start 2018 in this sector alongside one of the O’Tacos references. The brand is the market leader with 80 restaurants in the area and is already targeting 150 locations by the end of the year.

3- The creperie, sure value of the restoration

Between regional scenery, Breton originality and local specialties. One of the advantages for the entrepreneur is that the cost of producing a pancake is not very high compared to other traditional catering products. In addition, this niche is far from being saturated on the territory. One of the flagship brands in the segment, a specialist in modern creperie that seeks to extend the presence of its concept throughout the country, with the objective of two openings per year by the end of the year. next year.

4- Despite the web, marriage agencies!

good business to start

Despite the strong surge of online dating sites, marriage agencies remain solicited by an audience wanting a more human contact. Several franchise networks have understood this and are seeking to develop throughout the country. This is particularly the case of Luna, who relies on an important communication to make known its concept and its assets. To good business to start a marriage agency duty-free, $ 10,000 personal contributions are required, for entry fees of the same amount.

5- Timeless bedding

In a furniture sector, the bedding segment is currently doing fairly well in the French market, despite a competitive sector marked notably by e-commerce. Several brands stand out and have chosen to develop their networks with franchisees. This is the case of Trimarchi which already has a hundred stores. You can get started under this sign by justifying a personal contribution of 20,000 dollars for a global investment of 65,000 dollars.

6- Interim, a changing market

With changes in the labor market and economic difficulties, the temporary work sector is boosted and the employment agencies are becoming more and more familiar. Specialists or generalists, the actors of the sector also benefit from the possibility of proposing positions in CDD and CDI for a few years! Do you want to take advantage of the good situation in the sector? You may consider joining the Temporis network, the only fully-franchised general interest sign.

7- The car wash without water, has the wind in its sails

good business to start

Very popular, especially its respect for the environment, and in the face of increasingly common water restrictions, car wash without water knows a strong interest from motorists. This is a sector accessible to as many people as it does not require specific skills. One of the sector’s must-haves is the Cosmetic Car network, which aims to open 20 new branches this year. This profitable franchise is accessible with a personal contribution of only 3,000 dollars.

8- Organic food, naturally

More and more consumers are taking seriously the notions of sustainable and ecological development, especially for their power supplies. Therefore, we can easily understand the boom in the bio-food market since 2010. Its growth rate varies annually between 8 and 15%. But several new networks are entering this popular market, such as The Big Basket Bio, which requires a personal contribution of $ 100,000 for good business to start an organic store at its side.

9- And why not get started in the spare parts sector?

This sector is experiencing significant growth, especially as many individuals are now repairing themselves, their vehicles or their domestic equipment. The use of spare parts is, therefore, more recurrent. Several franchises have emerged in the sale of new parts, especially for cars. The network which offers spare parts, accessories for the repair as well as the tire.

10- Low-Cost Fitness

good business to start

It is one of the driving sectors of the franchise in recent years! The number of people who register for sports halls is increasing every year by + 10%. It is a sector in full growth all the more that the bodily wellbeing preoccupies with better and better people. Faced with an increasingly important competitive context, Sun form is positioning itself with a Low-Cost concept but offering high-end services. With a total investment of 200,000 dollars, you can embark on the adventure.

11- The delivery of animal products

In line with home delivery services that are increasingly demanded by consumers, this niche for the delivery of pet products is also expanding. With a national market generating 4.5 million dollars’ turnover in 2015, this sector is an attractive good business to start 2018. The Husse brand which recruits new franchisees; is one of the leading players in the sector.

12- Funeral services

The specialized networks of this sector, are regularly looking for partners to cope with an ever-increasing demand and constraints. Of course, you will need certain skills and competencies to be able to evolve with a sensitive public. If you want to launch your activity in this sector, the network is looking to recruit new franchisees and offers both training and assistance to its partners.

13- The delicatessen picks up colors

Despite the development of supermarkets and shopping centers. The gourmet sector is experiencing a new boom and is finding a consumer audience seeking quality and authenticity. A flagship brand in the delicatessen sector. With an overall investment of 150,000 dollars and with a personal contribution of 80,000 dollars. It will be possible good business to start 2018 with the brand.

14- The Pressing

good business to start

The laundry market is very stable and is one of the sectors that are doing well, especially in urban areas. With no entrance fee requested and relatively low personal contribution (15,000 $), it will be possible to launch your activity.

15- “Home staging”

The Anglo-Saxon concept at the base, it landed in the influence of TV shows of interior design tips. The market is experiencing good growth; both at the level of commercial renovations and at the level of housing renovations.

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