Six common SEO blogging mistakes

The last twenty years have seen a revolution in the digital marketing landscape and it can be easy to get confused when it comes to the right content and SEO strategy for your business. With every change in algorithm or new piece of misinformation that comes onto our radar, it’s easy to lose focus on the core principles. This article aims to help us get back to basics and develop a powerful SEO strategy without falling foul of some of the most common blogging errors.

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1. Weak page copy

A phrase to remember here is that you should be writing for your readers not just for search engines. Your copy should serve its main purpose of being easy to read and clearly communicating your purpose. It should be light, easy to follow and contain actionable tips to have an impact on your brand. Spend plenty of time in the edit to get consistent, clear content.

2. Unoptimised images and videos

Ignore this at your peril as all the images that you use in your blog or web pages must be formatted as jpeg and all vector images as png. It is also important to optimise any image alt text. Make sure you host all your video files in a single folder and set up a video sitemap. Meta description can also be optimised using your target keywords. There is plenty of useful guidance on this available online, such as

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3. Inconsistent links

Internal linking should not be overlooked as it can improve your SEO optimisation in many ways, including:

– The distribution of authority through your site
– Defining site architecture
– Leading search engines to your most important pages
– Establishing pathways that are user-friendly for easy navigation
– Indexing any linked-to web pages by using keywords that you have in hyperlink anchor text
– Distribution of crawl rate by accessing deep-linked web pages
– Unlocking the magic of backlinks

There are plenty of companies who can advise on this subject, such as, so whether you are looking for help with your web design in Cardiff, London or Glasgow there is no need to go it alone.

If you have made any of these mistakes in the past, it’s not too late to put them right, so grab this opportunity to improve your strategy today.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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