What are surface treatments?

Surface treatments are added to the surface of a workpiece/item to improve it in some way.

What attributes can be added?

Treating a surface can add new properties or enhance existing ones. These include resistance to rust and wear, electrical resistance/conductivity, wettability, water resistance, thermal/sound insulation, and moisture absorption. They can also make a surface easier to clean. Surface treatments will often also improve the appearance of the workpiece.

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Applications of surface treatments

There are numerous applications for surface treatments. Examples include medical devices, syringe barrels, electronic cables, and aeronautical/automotive parts.

Experts in surface treatments

If you feel that surface treatments could be useful for you or your business, there are a number of specialists in this sphere. Many of these companies have good online resources for your perusal, such as www.poeton.co.uk/standard-treatments.

Types of surface treatments

There are a vast number of different types of surface treatments, many of which are mostly used on metals. The most common types include electroplating, thermal spraying, and painting.

Electroplating is a process that is used to form a thin metallic coating on the surface. It involves both positively charged and negatively charged electrical currents. Metals that are commonly used for this include copper, gold, cadmium, silver, and zinc. These will all enhance the surface in some way when they are added.

Thermal spraying involves heating the coating material until it is molten and then spraying it onto the surface at high velocity. As it hits the surface, it bonds mechanically. The coating material can be a plastic, metal, alloy, or composite. Each of these will add different attributes to the surface.

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Surface treatment painting can enhance the appearance and corrosion resistance of a surface. Methods include spray painting, dipping, brushing, electrostatic painting, and powder coating.

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