How much maintenance does a park home require?

In the UK there are currently in excess of one hundred thousand residential park homes used for residential housing. It’s becoming an extremely popular option, particularly among retired people. But why are park homes so attractive and how easy are they to maintain?

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Why are park homes popular?

Park homes provide many people with comfortable, modern accommodation in a park with a community right on your doorstep. Many provide additional facilities on site; think swimming pools, social clubs, bars, restaurant and activity programmes.

Park homes are often set in the countryside and they offer a peaceful escape from busy suburban life and this is part of the reason they are so popular amongst people who are retiring and want a complete change of lifestyle. They also offer a level of security that isn’t normally found in traditional residential estates.

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What about maintenance?

In general, most park homes are far easier to maintain than traditional homes. This is, in part, because they tend to be single storey. Their construction includes many innovative and intelligent design techniques used with the sole intention of making them easy to maintain. Despite the smaller footprint, space for appliances are generally the same as standard homes, so no expensive, compact models are required.

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While normal utility servicing is still advisable, as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t need to carry out any major maintenance jobs within the first ten years if you buy from new. But remember some of the responsibility for maintenance may fall with the park owner rather than yourself.

Who is responsible for what?

This is likely to differ from park to park, however, the Government has laid out a comprehensive guide to both your responsibilities as an owner and your rights. As with purchasing any property you need to exercise a certain level of care to ensure that you are happy with any agreements you are entering. When it comes to park homes, this most definitely includes the park rules.

So, if you’re considering joining the thousands of park home owners already in the UK, a little basic maintenance and a good relationship with your park owner will allow you to enjoy a stress-free life.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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