Is Friday the best day to complete on your new home?

Did you know that Friday is the most popular day for people to move to a new home? Research shows that just under 30 per cent of house moves complete on a Friday, as it gives new homeowners time to unpack and get settled into their home before returning to work and school after the weekend; however, Friday isn’t always the best day to choose.

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The problem with completing on a Friday is that if there is a legal issue and the move is delayed, you will have to wait until after the weekend to sort out the problem. Also, because of the popularity of this day, estate agents and banks are very busy. This could delay the time the money is transferred and subsequently the keys being released.

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The housing market has seen a huge increase in activity since the pandemic, making it hard to predict property prices. Since the start of the pandemic, the average property has increased in value by more than £30,000.

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Additional costs can be incurred if a Friday completion is delayed; for example, removal companies may charge a three-day storage fee. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to find temporary accommodation, you will have to stay a couple of nights rather than just one.

If you experience delays on the day of moving, the chances are that these will be out of your control. It isn’t unknown for owners to underestimate the time needed to pack up their belongings, leaving you sitting outside and unable to move in until they are ready. As frustrating as this is, there is very little you can do about it. If this happens on a Friday, you may find your removal company won’t want to wait around; in addition, alternative accommodation could be more expensive and in shorter supply.

Ideally, consider moving on a different weekday and taking some annual leave to unpack. If this isn’t possible, pack a suitcase that contains everything you need for the weekend just in case.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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