Five key elements of event planning

Events form a key part of the marketing plan for many businesses. Whether a product launch for employees, an awards evening for partners or a conference for clients, events can be extremely successful if planned correctly. Let’s take a look at five key elements of event planning.

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Clearly define your objectives

For any activity to be a success, you must understand what you are trying to achieve. This is no different for events; for example, are you hoping to achieve sales or improve employee retention? Setting clear objectives from the outset will help to focus your mind and ensure all elements of the event are correctly aligned.

Prepare a plan

Once you understand your objectives, you should prepare a detailed plan. This should include every activity that needs to happen before the event, right down to the smallest detail. It is then important to ensure each item is given a deadline, as some things can’t happen until others have been completed; for example, you can’t run a rehearsal until the AV is in place.

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It is common for the planning of large events to be outsourced to agencies that have far more experience and knowledge of venues and suppliers, for example, as they do this on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for an events agency in Dublin, companies such as have a wealth of experience. Remember that you might need a temporary event notice (TEN), depending on what you are planning and where. The government website provides businesses with further guidance.

Source funding

It is worth looking for partners to help fund or sponsor the event to keep your costs down; for example, do you have business partners that would like to get involved, either to showcase their related products or sponsor awards? Wherever the budget comes from, it is important to keep a close eye on it, as costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Promote your event

Part of your plan should include a promotion schedule that will help to ensure you get the right number, and type, of people attending.

Complete a post event review

Once the event is done and dusted, it is important to complete a review. This should look at what went well, what could be improved in future, and – of course – whether your objectives and budget were met.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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