How to keep your bathroom mould free

There is nothing worse than releasing that mould that is starting to grow in your bathroom. There are a number of places that these tend to collect, such as around the ends of your bath and behind the sealant. In this case, you will need to remove the old sealant using a Silicone sealant remover like the one from and replace it with new sealant.

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Here are some ways that you can help prevent mould from appearing in your bathroom.

Extractor fans – bathrooms can naturally be high in moisture, and it is important that when you have a bath or a shower, you have the extractor fans on. These help to remove steam and moisture from the air. Mould loves damp environments, and it thrives in these areas, so by using your fan to remove the excess moisture in the air, you can help prevent mould from occurring.

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Hanging sponges – if you use sponges, loofahs or washcloths, make sure that you hang them up to dry rather than leave them on the side of the bath or sink. When left to sit on the side, they take longer to dry out as they retain more of their moisture. This can add to a mould problem.

Glass – water will collect on the shower screens after you have taken a shower. It is a good idea to have a cloth or a sponge that you can use to wipe the screen down after use. This again helps to remove excess moisture from the shower area.

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