Getting Into Cycling – How to Prepare Before Buying your Bike

Cycling is not only a great way to keep fit, it is also an increasingly popular way of getting around. With fuel prices becoming more and more expensive, the answer to this for many people is to buy a bicycle to get around the area. In addition, it is also much better for the planet so will reduce your carbon footprint, and on the weekends, you can enjoy cycling for leisure, exploring the many scenic spots that the UK has to offer.

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With all this to consider it is little wonder that so many people enjoy cycling. If you are looking to join them, then of course your first step is to get a bike of your own. If you are new to this it can be quite overwhelming, with so much choice and so many different options available. Here are a few things to help you as you get into cycling…

Safety – The most important thing to get right before you even get anywhere near a bike, is safety. The most important thing to have before riding a bike is a helmet. These come in many different styles, but if you head to a specialist bicycle shop, they will be able to talk through with you what sort of thing you are after as well as showing you how the helmet should fit so that it is secure and keeping you safe.

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Security and Storage – As well as your own safety you should also consider the safety of your bike. Where you will store it at home is something that you should think about. Make sure that it is safe from burglary. For example, if you want to store the bike in your garage make sure that the doors are secure and can be locked. If not, it is worth going to somewhere like this garage doors Cheltenham based specialist who can provide you with a safe door to keep your bike away from intruders and thieves. Locks are also something else you should have, as you will sometimes need to secure your bike away from your home.

Choosing your Bike – Get to know the different types of bike and consider how you will be using it. For example, if you want to mainly ride on the road, then drop bar bikes are better for this. If you have a young family, you might want to consider a bike which allows for a child seat to be added onto the back. Electric bikes are also a popular way to get around, and there are many varieties of these too.

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