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If you’re looking to start business, you should consider Wales as the ideal location for business growth. Recent surveys have revealed Cardiff as a top location for work life and social activities, beating London, Edinburgh and Belfast. It offers professionals and families a low-cost standard of living, fair wages and a buoyant job economy.

The city also boasts some of the highest levels of graduates staying in the city, boosting numbers of non-Welsh graduates in the workforce. It’s a truly cosmopolitan European capital and full of great facilities and opportunities.

Newport is another great city with solid business credentials and home to large corporations like Gocompare and International Rectifier. Students have the advantage of access to the National Software Academy, which could help to see the city as a hotspot for IT and software developers. For help with your business website needs, try a Website designer Cardiff like Amber Couch.

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North Wales has its fair share of attractive draws for business too, with ease of access for both Manchester and Liverpool, amazing landscapes, skilled employees at Airbus and energy research in nuclear and tidal power making Anglesey a potential world leader as well.

In terms of education and house prices, you get far more for your money in Wales than you do in London and the south of England, for example. The average house price is approximately £20k cheaper in Wales than the rest of the UK and a whopping £340k cheaper than London!

Doing business is a cinch in Wales too. The nation has a close-knit community and a few sessions at networking events should be all you need to gain access to the main contacts of the business community and Welsh economy.

If you long to be inspired by breath-taking landscapes to assist your blue-sky thinking, you are always a stone’s throw from rugged beauty when you’re in Wales.

If sport gets you going, then you’ve got it in abundance in Wales. Treat your clients to a hospitality box at the Principality Stadium for some international rugby or a Premier League game at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium.

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Business costs are far more reasonable in Wales at less than a quarter of the cost per square foot of office space in London. Aim a little higher with the brand-new Central Square in Cardiff which sits right next to the main gateway into Wales, Cardiff Central Railway Station. Swansea and Newport’s business costs and rates are even more competitive.

Cardiff also boasts an international airport and whilst it remains a work in progress, it is expanding to provide more routes globally, opening up further opportunities for business. Cardiff is also within easy commutable distance to London’s Heathrow.

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