What are the pros and cons of composite windows?

If you are thinking about getting composite windows, it is useful to know about and weigh up their pros and cons beforehand.

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The pros of composite windows

There are plenty of good reasons to choose composite windows in Stroud; for example, they are great to look at, easy to maintain, and have a high degree of thermal efficiency.

1. Insulation

Composite windows Stroud are naturally highly insulated, as timber offers an advanced degree of natural insulation. This helps to keep your house warm and cosy.

2. Low maintenance

As composite windows in Stroud have aluminium on the exterior, they are naturally easy to maintain, especially when compared to traditional timber window frames that need to be maintained over their lifetime. They also perform better on the insulation and maintenance front than uPVC windows.

3. A great appearance with ready customisation

Composite windows also look great and are highly flexible; for example, they can be used to create very large windows and the frames can be customised with a variety of finishes, both inside and out. The distinctive frame of a composite window is extremely thin, which allows plenty of natural light to enter the room and helps to boost security, acoustics, and the insulation of your home.

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4. Longevity and security benefits

Composite windows in Stroud also last for up to 40 years; what’s more, when they are removed, they can be recycled. This makes them a more sustainable choice than uPVC windows. They are also highly secure, which makes them a great choice for homes and businesses.

The cons of composite windows

In terms of the cons, the main issue is the cost of composite windows and the fact that they are not suitable for all situations or windows; however, a professional installer can carry out an assessment of your property and make recommendations accordingly. Very often, composite windows will be a possibility and will enable you to create the lasting finish and the effect you want for a warm, insulated, secure and attractive home.

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