Great ways to improve your TV signal

It’s a frustrating feeling when you can’t enjoy your favourite TV shows because of poor reception. Happily, there are a number of steps you can take in order to improve your signal and get back to catching up on those must-see programmes.

TV signal problems are still a very real issue, even in our technologically advanced age. For example, in May 2023 a large number of Yorkshire residents lost their ability to view Channels 4 and 5, and ITV,

Choose the right transmitter

Sometimes, simply switching your TV tuning to a different transmitter can solve a lot of signal issues. The transmitter that is located closest to your home may not actually be the best choice, or it may be that a newer transmitter has been activated since you last tuned your signal.

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Take care installing your aerial

Being careful to choose the best spot for your aerial will also pay dividends. Asking an expert in TV aerial installation in Gloucester for advice is a great starting point, but as a general rule, choose a site that will not be obstructed by nearby buildings or large trees. Specialists such as will be able to identify the best location for your aerial when they visit your property.

Invest in a quality wall plate

Your choice of wall plate can have a big impact on your signal quality, so don’t scrimp on this essential purchase. A wall plate that features screening and casings for the coaxial cabling terminal will be the surest defence against interference.

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Use the finest coaxial cabling

When it comes to coaxial cables, it is important to choose the very best quality available. A good quality coaxial cable will feature a solid centre conductor and be double-screened, with copper conductors being the best option of all. Don’t risk a poor TV signal by opting for coaxial cable labelled as “low loss” or which has a single-stranded conductor – this is likely to result in a significant deterioration of the TV signal which will result in a greatly diminished viewing experience.

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