10 Tips to Promote an Event on Facebook

Promote an Event on Facebook

The Events application on Facebook is one of the most powerful tools of that platform …

… But there are many entrepreneurs who are not taking advantage of the full potential of this Event application or are using it in a way that does not necessarily generate the best impression of their event, brand or product.

There are several characteristics to consider and it is often unclear what we should do.

Several people have asked me about the best way to promote an event on Facebook.

I believe that there is no “better” way to do it, but here is a ten-step process that has worked very well for my business and for our clients’ businesses in our agency …

1# First Choose the Right Contacts (Friends) – Make sure that the people you add to your network of friends on Facebook – in addition to your personal friends – match the criteria of your ideal client, ideal strategic ally, etc. They must be people with whom you aspire to have a business relationship.

2# Prudent Time Between Each Event – I suggest a maximum of one event per week, maybe every 15 days or even once a month (so you won’t abuse this tool).

3# Choose an Attractive Title – That is one of the key elements, because the title is practically the only thing people see when you invite them, and your event can be lost among so much notification.

The title is as important as the header of your sales page or the title of a post on your blog.

You have to tempt the person to click.

It is important that you use some “powerful words” in the title. That is something we always use copywriters, due to their proven effectiveness.

The idea is that you generate an emotional response from your audience.

Some powerful words are …

Secrets, Effective, Profitable, Improve, Trust, Immediately, Discover, Win, Learn, Powerful, Exclusive, You, Free, Guaranteed, New, Tested, Safe, Money, Now, Today, Results, Protect, Help, Easy, Great, Last, Extraordinary, How to Make, First, Big.

Adding just one of those powerful words can make the difference between a big event or one more in the heap, which doesn’t attract anyone.

So remember that adding a single powerful word can make all the difference.

4# Upload an Attractive and Relevant Photo – Attractive does not mean pretty. Attractive means that you must attract attention, be friendly and warm.

You must use a photo that itself tells the story of your event. That type of image, usually works a thousand times better than images with designs / graphics / logos inside it.

5# Invite All Your Friends, With Some Exceptions – That is my rule, you may want to try your own policy. For virtual events (webinars), there is no problem, because everyone can attend, but remember not to do more than one or two per month.

For local events, you will obviously have to be selective. Exceptions may be close family members and maybe someone who asked you before not to be invited.

6# Include a Personal Message in the Invitation – Many people have activated Facebook notifications via email, and will receive one with your Event Title, date, time and your personal message. I recommend you include the time zone in that message, because Facebook defaults to YOUR time zone.

7# Use your own registration page – Link your registration page to that page from the Facebook event. Make sure you don’t use a Google form, as most businesses do.

The conversion rate from interested to enroll is very low when you use those Google forms because you don’t have control of many things.

Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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