How to start a laundry business?

laundry business

How to set up a laundry business? Maybe at this time, you do not know if this idea is profitable or not, maybe you have doubts about how to start, you worry about knowing how much money is required for this business. Quiet, I tell you that if it is profitable and in this article you will learn everything you need to succeed in your idea of putting a laundry.

Here we share with you how to set up a laundry business

What is the installation of a laundry business?

Here I will explain what is the business of setting up a laundry and its operation. Later we will see another two variants of the laundry service.

What do you need to put a laundry business?

laundry business

Have you not thought about washing clothes, sheets, and curtains with your own hands?

We will have washing machines. They will do the work and you take the money.

A laundry has as a large initial investment, get the washing machines. A washing machine depending on the capacity of pounds or kilos of load that support can have a cost of 200 to 500 dollars. Let’s say you start with three washing machines, then you already have an investment of 600 to 1500 dollars. But as calm as we have seen before, the business merits it because if it is profitable.

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Other expenses in a laundry business:

Rent a room for the laundry business. Possibly you should rent a place in a good sector of your city. Preferably on an avenue. Then register as an expense the monthly rent of the premises.

The energy service. Since you will have the washing machines running for more than five hours a day, your energy bill will be increased.

Other expenses that you must take into account in this business plan is the detergent.

Remember this kind of supplies, just like in any business, they are bought wholesale to make it cheaper.

Operation of the laundry:

The operation of the service of a laundry business has two modalities. The second I’ll explain later. The first one is like this:

People take their clothes to your laundry.

You keep a record of the client’s name, with the clothes that he leaves you.

They agree an hour for your client to pick them up again.

You receive the payment and ready.

Like this niche of people, are the ones I spoke to you at the beginning. They do not want to know in the least what it is to wash. Neither by hand nor with washing machine. They will arrive, they will take their garment out of the car, they will give you a short greeting. They will leave your suit to wash.

Maybe what they leave is already clean. But your equal put it in the washing machine.

They will not ask for a discount.

They will arrive hours later to remove their suit. They’ll pay you happy, they’ll go back in your car and you’ll be back every week. The happy for your service and your happy because you are discovering that the great business is to be an entrepreneur.

 Types of clothes or clothes that they bring to the laundry:

laundry business

 When a laundry works in the modality of leaving the clothes and returning later, the type of clothes that usually leave you is:

– Large garments, such as Tag or dress suits, bags, Trench coats, Jackets.

– Everything related to bedding: Covers, quilts, bedspreads, pillowcases, sheets, mattress cover.

– Furniture covers, Tablecloths.

– Curtains.

– Sports equipment, such as Tents, Sleeping, Sports uniforms.

As you can see they are garments that require a special wash, that’s why your service will be well paid.

The other operation of a laundry:

Assemble a laundromat:

Riding a laundromat is done with the idea that people wash their clothes themselves. He uses it more than all middle-class people.

And the type of clothes or clothes that are usually washed is shirts, jeans, shirts, sheets that do not weigh much, socks and even underwear.

As you see, clothes for personal use.

For this way of working the laundry, you need a bigger room (later on you will know because it is an advantage to have a large room), because at the same time you need more washing machines. But these will not be so specialized. They can be several medium washing machines.

This type of self-service laundries works very well close to hostels, people like travelers make quite use of this service.

How to make self-service laundry more profitable:

start a laundry business

Keep in mind that in the self-service mode, people will be one to two hours at your location. Practically doing nothing.

You already have ideas to make the laundry more profitable, right?

To make your self-service laundry more profitable, consider:

– Mount a small Internet room. While people wait for the washing machine to finish, they can move their jobs on a computer.

– You can mount a good Wifi signal. The Wifi will be free but your cost of laundry service can increase and you will pay with pleasure because you are giving added value to your business.

– Set up a sale of desserts or sale of coffees or sale of breakfasts. People who go to self-service usually try to get out of clothes as quickly as possible. If they see that in your laundry they can wash and eat something at the same time, you will gain customers and increase profitability.

Set up a business to rent washing machines at home:

 Remember that at the beginning of the article we realized that there are people who can not or do not like to go to a laundry.

What if we provide the service of washing machines at home?

The washing machine business at home works like this:

– You can start with three medium-sized washing machines.

– You need a means of transport to take the washing machine to the customer’s home. I could be a tricycle or a motorcycle with a platform in the back.

– The washing machine is rented regularly for 4 hours and you can charge between 10 and 20 dollars depending on your country or city.

set up a laundry business

It may seem like a rare business idea. But it’s because you have not seen her in your area. Which is positive because it means that you will be a pioneer in this type of business, you will not have competition and you will get good profits. Believe in the cities that the washing machines were implemented, the business has been a success.

We have seen three ways to assemble a laundry business. With what you have learned here you can make your business plan taking into account your city and budget. I hope you have success with this idea or with others that I raise in this blog. If you liked the effort I do when developing these business ideas, I invite you to share this article on social networks like Facebook to help spread our blog Thank you.

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