10 Booming businesses that are stomping!

booming business

If you are thinking about launching yourself into the business world, I suppose your idea is to create a profitable booming business, right?

But how to know what your idea will be a success? Is it worth any kind of business to start? Are those who follow the “trend of the day” really profitable businesses? Are online businesses the future? And what about traditional businesses?

How many doubts !!

… .. Well, at least they are what I have when I start thinking about booming businesses

Let’s start at the beginning.

Start up a successful business

We live in a society in constant evolution and change, therefore we must know how to adapt to not become obsolete, and this is true for both people and business.

When starting a business you have to take into account all the elements (or at least the most important) that influence your activity so that we know how to react to them.

In my opinion, I believe that there are three main elements to take into account to increase the chances of success of a business.

The sociocultural and demographic changes provoke new needs to which your company must know how to respond quickly and effectively.

The new technologies that can be incorporated into your company, to try to give a faster response to the needs of the consumer.

Globalization and its advantages, both to find good suppliers and customers anywhere on the planet. Therefore, your business must be competitive and global.

10 Booming businesses that work

Taking into account the three previous elements, we can already get an idea of ​​which business is booming; businesses that are succeeding in recent years.

If we observe in our city, we see how there are new trends every time, what we said about sociocultural and demographic changes. This is especially noticeable with the appearance of new businesses with different themes.

Here, for example, eco-friendly stores, barber shops, gyms (low cost), etc. are more frequent. I am sure that if you live in a big city you will also have seen new businesses.

From my point of view these are booming businesses, and they will continue on this path.

1. Drones

A lot was talked about when they started making them. The idea seemed like something out of a movie. But nowadays, they are marketed, and anyone can have a drone … well anyone who can afford it … and anywhere in the world.

I remember that when I was traveling in Vietnam, we climbed to a lookout and there was a drone! Yes, a tourist had taken his drone to make videos. I thought it was incredible, but at the same time, I have to confess that it was a lot of noise and was a bit annoying.

But regardless of this, drones are marketed to the public and companies also use them, for example, Amazon.

2. 3d print

A few months ago I went to a 3D printing exhibition at the Fundacion Telefonica in Madrid. It was impressive. The truth is that I had no idea of ​​everything that was already being done with 3D printers.

In this exhibition, there were toys, models, prosthetics, jewelry, shoes, household items (chairs, vases, etc.) and even clothes. All this in different materials and using a 3D printer.

For me, this has been a clear example of how new technologies have given rise to new smart businesses, real businesses on the rise. In this case, good quality products are obtained, avoiding the generation of large amounts of waste, at lower prices and can also be used in different sectors.

3. Virtual reality

Until a few years ago when we talked about virtual reality, it sounded like something we only saw in movies, right? But now you can see that it is available to everyone, and every time it is incorporated into the classic devices.

Virtual reality has developed especially in the video game industry. However, it can be included in more sectors.

In the coworking space where I work, there is a company that designs virtual reality glasses, and in the last months, they have gone from having 3 employees to 6. Not only is it growing in size but it also creates technological advances beneficial to society.

4. Development of apps

Do you have a Smartphone? How many apps have you downloaded?

Technology advances and companies know it very well. That is why they have made the smartphone their best ally to reach consumers, communicate and especially to increase their sales. Through the development of applications, they provide users with access to information, content and their products.

But in addition, there are applications that have been created to facilitate some day-to-day tasks, or simply to keep us entertained. For example applications of personnel management, health control, notes, photo editing, social networks, there are also apps to earn money, etc.

But why is developing apps a booming business? Because it is available to anyone. With proper training, you can learn a lot about development, and without having to belong to a company you can start to develop some application to be marketed, either directly to the final consumer or to companies.

With this, I do not mean that it is easy, no. You have to dedicate time to training, to develop an app that solves a problem, to update it and correct mistakes and then think about marketing it. Normally you usually start with a Beta version to test and verify its operation.

5. Food trucks

We change the scope, but no less important. The food trucks.

What are they? This term is used to talk about large vehicles, usually trucks equipped to prepare food and sell it. It used to be associated with fast food, hamburgers, chips, snacks. However, in recent years you can also find gourmet food trucks. Also with the use of social networks, they have made them very popular.

In NY, for example, in events, concerts, fairs, etc. you can see food trucks specialized in some type of food and recognized by them. And there are also those who belong to well-known restaurants, who have not missed this opportunity either.

6. Barbershops

Although this profession is nothing new, it is one of the booming businesses that is going strong, since it covers the social needs of a part of the population.

The fashion of the beards is here to stay, or at least it seems that it will last a long time.

In fact, we see how new premises dedicated exclusively to the care of beards have been opened as barbershops, and some have even created a chain of franchises that are distributed in several points of large cities.

This is another example of a booming business that covers certain needs of the population produced by social changes.

7. Bikes

Bikes are a perfect gift for children, but also for adults.

Society is changing, our concerns also change. Now we are more concerned about pollution (it is becoming a serious problem), we are worried about our health. For these and other reasons, we look for transportation alternatives or it simply becomes a good activity to do outdoors.

Everything related to bicycles has become a booming business. Whether it’s the sale, the repairs, and also the rent; especially in the big cities, where also following the example of other pioneer cities, bike lanes have been enabled, to circulate with greater security.

8. Craft beer

Lovers of beers are in luck, there are more and more places with a wide variety of craft beers.

This is a booming business, which does not particularly require technological advances to make it grow. But if it is a product that despite the years, is still a favorite drink by many people.

9. Organic food

Surely you’ve seen the BIO product section in the supermarket, right? Even white brands now also have products in this category.

The denomination of these products means they have not been treated with chemical products or pesticides that are not natural, that have been cultivated respecting the natural cycles and that are not transgenic (genetically modified).

The sale of bio (biological) or eco (ecological) products has increased. This is another example of a booming business that is observed in many cities in many countries.

10. Low-cost products or services

I’ve seen them in several places: gyms, hairdressers, clothing stores, bars, airlines (of course), etc.

Low-cost products and services have become a real booming business in many cities since they allow consumers to save. However, benefits and sometimes quality is reduced, for example in the case of airlines you have to pay for luggage in the hold or for a snack.

If you are thinking of starting a business, you might consider this alternative. The main idea is to get a larger number of customers who purchase your product or service so that your profit margin is profitable.

Booming business: Conclusions

To finish, I’ll tell you about the experience of a wine producer that I met yesterday. He inherited his grandfather’s vineyard but had no idea of ​​wines when he started.  And he has been in the business for only 3 years and everything (or almost everything) he does with the help of his wife, from taking care of the field to looking for clients, everything. He told us that these years he has not had vacations. But he has learned a lot about wines, about the care of the countryside and proudly presented us with the wine he has obtained, telling the story behind each one.

I tell you this, because creating a business, of any kind, requires many efforts. I’m not going to lie to you, you’re going to have to sacrifice time or money, or both. You will have to constantly learn, research and update. You will have to do tasks that you did not know before. Maybe the ideas in this article are not for everyone, I know. But knowing what business is now booming, will guide you on what you can do and offer to the population to succeed.

I await your opinion or questions, below in the comments.

Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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