3 ways to make money on YouTube without Adsense

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Many authors think that YouTube is not a good source of income. Here’s how to use this platform to earn revenue.

Creating videos on YouTube can be very advantageous if done in the right way, unfortunately though, many novice youtubers think that by making quality videos and inserting advertisements, the gains automatically start to fall.

However, many of them claim that YouTube is not a sustainable source of money, in fact, although it is impossible to determine a precise number, a video generally earns one euro for every hundred views.

Why then does YouTube pay its creator so little? First of all it is important to remember that this is a YouTube platform that has no responsibility in paying its creator, although it chooses to do so anyway. Also keep in mind that the money we are talking about passes into other hands, like those of advertisers, before reaching you.

The process usually starts with the consumer paying the advertiser, who pays YouTube who finally pays the creator, so there won’t be much money left. So what can the creator do to use YouTube and create sustainable earnings in a short time?

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to generate revenue on YouTube. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell your products to other people and get a commission for each service / product you sell through a special URL, linked to your account.

Although many activities have affiliate programs with which you can receive a commission, one of the simplest and the most popular is the Amazon’s Associates program that starts commissions from 4 percent.

When you sign up to the Amazon program, you will be directed to your portal where you can virtually search for all the items that interest you on Amazon and create a special link for each of them. All you have to do is a video in which you highlight the product you love and tell viewers to click on the link in the description if they are interested: commissions will arrive automatically.

The best part of all this is that once your visitors have clicked on your link, you will receive a commission on whatever they buy on Amazon within 24 hours.

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Sell your products

We know that YouTube pays us a fraction of a cent of what we take from every advertiser; affiliate programs like Amazon allow us to have a large percentage of sales, but what if we could get 100% of the profits and have full control? To do this, you will have to sell your products.

For example, let’s say you’re creating a small online training program that you want to sell for $ 50: you’ll have to make a video that provides immense value and that will eventually launch your course to get more value. Once you get 1000 views on that video, YouTube AdSense will pay you $ 1.

If, on the other hand, you have only convinced 0.5% of your audience to buy your course (five users) you will get a total of $ 250 on entry thanks to your product; among other things, not many people are required to buy your product to make more money than YouTube can pay.


Ultimately, the quickest way to make money on YouTube is to provide precise value, but remember that simply uploading a video hoping that everything goes well is not enough. After gradually attracting your targeted audience, periodically launch your consulting services for your visitors, in order to give them even more value than they already get.

Your goal will be to make you think about your audience, “If I get all this value from a free video on YouTube, I will definitely get more with a paid video for a face-to-face consulting service.” At this point it will be child’s play to earn based on your experience, knowledge and time.

Based on my experience, many creators who started on YouTube think that it is only necessary to upload videos, add an advertisement and let the money begin to fall. This unfortunately will only occur if you think you are not getting sustainable revenues from your videos.

If instead you think of growing your brand and your business, make sure you provide value, so as to get other earnings related to it. Remember that the only way to make these strategies work on YouTube is to have the value of supplying yourself as the main goal, just so the compensation will come more naturally.

Tony Jimenez

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