How to make money writing from home in 4 easy steps

make money writing

Learning how to make money writing is one of the easy and even quick ways to generate income if you have good contacts and it’s something you like to do. Here we want to teach you how to achieve it.

If you are looking for ideas to make money online, and you are good at writing, we have created a kind of guide with tips and guidelines that can be a great help to learn how to earn money by writing.

Additionally, we leave you a course with which you will learn to write articles in a faster way, how to get your first clients, write about different topics, have credibility and a good reputation with your clients.

This guide includes a series of templates that will help you increase your writing performance and establish schemes to facilitate the process.

Guide to learn how to make money writing from home:

There is no universal guide to guarantee success but it is important to keep in mind some points before you start.

1. Sign up for an online services platform

Nowadays there are many places where you can offer your services. There are some that are only written to write and others that offer different services and among them the subject of writing.

Our advice when it comes to how to make money writing is that you analyze the different platforms and that you register in the one that catches your attention the most. Another option is that you register in several and then decanted by which you see that more work gives you.

make money writing It is important to choose one since normally, depending on the work you do, you can go up in level and gain benefits. Therefore, the earlier you opt for one, the more long-term benefits you will have.

Among the benefits of focusing on one, you will be charged fewer commissions, you can make more articles, they will pay you more or they will show you before in the ads and you will have more clients.

Among the most popular sites to start earning money writing you have Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer or Textbroker. Continue reading:  5 Tips to build a successful franchise business from scratch

2. When you put the price, analyze the other’s

Many platforms will directly price you. For example, Textbroker tells you what they pay you for each word and in Upwork it is the buyer who puts your budget.

However, in Fiverr or Freelancer, you are the one who puts the price of your service. At that time it is important, if you just start, analyze what price is the other sellers have.

If for example one of those in the first place sells 2 articles of 300 words for $ 5, you can put the same ad, or one similar: 350 words for $ 5.

Of course, we advise you to put an economic price at the beginning to get customers and have reviews and then, once you offer some confidence, raise your price a little. Do not forget to rate your work.

3. After a while: work outside the platforms

The websites of services are essential to get to know you, get customers and learn how to earn money by writing, however, they take a considerable commission.

Even sometimes you can get to lose money with the change of currency. So, if you have the opportunity, propose to your regular clients to work outside of it.

If you do this, make sure you receive a payment before writing. Or at least half of it. The platforms ensure your money, but if you work independently no one assures you that they will pay you.

4. Make quality content

One of the reasons why they can stop commissioning your articles is because the content is not quality.

Remember that a quality content is not a super professional content, but a content that is unique, that is written well grammatically and that you notice that it is written with consistency.

make money writing Finally, you are recommended to pass your texts through a plagiarism website to verify that it is 100% original.

Finally remember that, how to make money writing, and turn this work into an interesting source of income, it is about starting. Nothing great will happen if you do not take the first step.

In the beginning, it may be difficult to get your first customers, but with consistency and quality content, you can have a good reputation and therefore, good results.

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