Reducing Waste Paper in Offices

There are a number of ways to reduce waste paper in offices. Some companies use recycled paper to produce reusable office supplies. You can find local businesses that offer this service. Generally, offices can recycle about 70 percent of their paper waste, including mixed paper products. It’s important to sort out paper into categories and recycle it correctly. Some items can be recycled, such as shredded paper, old newspapers and magazines, and corrugated cardboard.

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Consider using thinner, recycled paper for your office supplies. It uses less material per page and is just as high-quality as new paper. You can also reuse lever arches, folders, and envelopes. Lastly, consider using electronic communication to replace paper documents. Instead of printing out documents, use an email service or web chat platform to communicate with employees.

One of the most vulnerable areas of recycling is the copy room. While this area is prone to being used for other purposes, you can still reduce your office’s paper waste by implementing a paper policy. By adopting this policy, your office can be more environmentally-conscious and reward your staff for making good choices for the planet. For advice on Confidential paper shredding Bristol, contact a site like

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Recycling can also help offices reduce energy costs and save natural resources. For this reason, companies should place collection bins in central areas. You may need to hire a recycling service provider to help you with this. Choosing a certified provider can ensure that your paper is recycled properly and not contaminated and ending up in landfill.


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