Six of the best Drupal 8 websites

Drupal 8, the content management system (CMS), is enabling brands to navigate new touch-points and channels with content delivery. As a flexible and simplistic open source website development platform, Drupal 8 runs millions of varying-sized websites worldwide.

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Drupal 8 is currently being used in one of the Australian Government’s largest website projects,, changing the way in which citizens in Victoria accesses government information. Let’s look at six other brands that have made great use of Drupal 8.

Arsenal FC

The New York Times referred to Arsenal FC’s site as ‘the internet’s highest honour’ after being nominated for a Webby Award – an annual award for excellence on the internet from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Helping to drive fan engagement, this content hub features news, ticket services, the history of the club, and – of course – live scores.

Imperial War Museums

Already developed in Drupal 7, Imperial War Museums has upgraded its platforms to Drupal 8 in a digital transformation programme that has significantly improved the online experience for users. Providing a virtual concept, the Imperial War Museums site features war stories, exhibitions and war photography.


An easily-searchable magazine site focusing on health, beauty and fashion, InStyle’s website was built extremely quickly and features every product that can be purchased online.


As one of the largest China-based food chains, SparkPOS launched multiple sites, enabling the SparkPOS team to divide the functionality across all sites. Drupal 8 fitted the company’s approach and views on decoupled architecture and product development.

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As a dedicated, user-friendly customer website, Worldpay appeals to merchant customers looking to make payments on a global platform and provides online engagement to reduce pressure on the team supporting customers. Using a central, shared location for customer support information, the website encourages customers to resolve any arising issues through an improved customer journey.

Ludwig Beck

A major Munich-based fashion group, Ludwig Beck’s site is non-transactional but has a wealth of information on news, retail partners, and content relating to investor relations.

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If you are looking to set up your own site, whether for business or pleasure, you can’t go far wrong with Drupal 8.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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