Cell phone accessories business: Money will arrive in your pocket

Cell phone accessories

Selling cell phone accessories are a business easier to start than starting with a business selling high-end cell phones. The prices of an iPhone or a next generation Smartphone can easily exceed 500 Dollars. You can count how much money you would need to have a high assortment of these cell phones. But the accessories are more enjoyable to sing, the price is affordable; if someone already spent a thousand dollars on a smartphone, 10 dollars for the cell phone case will look like coins.

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The best selling cell phone accessories

Then a brainstorm of accessories for a cell phone that you can sell, if you have more ideas, please leave it to me in the comments that I send to Juan because he is willing to continue protecting your investment.

Covers for cell

Cell phone accessories business

The cell phone cases also called cases in some countries, are one of the first accessories in which you think after buying a Smartphone. Protects the cell phone from bumps can come in different materials like leather or rubber. Investigating a little truthful that there is a lot of diversity; those that grotesquely increase the thickness of the cell phone, others finer that is practically imperceptible, an infinity of colors, diversity of prices, but in general it is an economic and profitable accessory.

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Cell phone accessories business

On a Smartphone, the screen is the most handled, hence it is understandable that people seek their protection with a thin sheet, also called mica. Its main function is to avoid scratches on the cell phone screen. Take practice in the installation of this screen, when you sell, your customers will ask you to install it to their cell phones, and believe me you do not want it to be with bombs, because it damages the aesthetic. An additional tip: get specials that avoid leaving marked fingerprints.

MicroSD card

Cell phone accessories

The people who recently bought the Smartphone fantasize with all the photographs in altar resolution that they can take, others are visualized making movies with the Full HD camera of the cell phone, so they quickly discover that they need more storage capacity. The solution is a microSD card. Keep in mind that this is the kind of accessories where you should provide the customer with some guarantee, usually from three to twelve months, so make sure your provider is serious. My advice: Do not go too smart, and throw away your reputation trying to sell microSD card imitations. The best brands for me are the Sandisk. The best selling is those of 8, 16 and 32 GB. Very important that they are class 10 or higher. If you do not know what this “class” is about, do a little research before providing yourself.

HeadphonesCell phone accessories

As a rule, Smartphones bring their hearing aids by default, but also usually people always want more; in the case of hearing aids, more sound, more sharpness, until you look sexier. The headphones will be that cell phone accessory where you can spend the money to get a better experience at the time of enjoying the multimedia content, such as the music they have downloaded and saved on your microSD card, also newly purchased in your business. They will arrive at your place asking simply how to use cell phones, wireless headphones, hands-free or Bluetooth headphones.

Do not start cell phone accessories business without reading the following:

 Make sure that the cell phone accessories you sell are highly compatible with all the variety of Smartphone that is currently available. The 100% compatible element is impossible, but the compatibility ensures a greater rotation of the product.

Cell phone accessories

Take into account the very obsoletísimo of some products. There are very active suppliers and they will try to get you accessories that people no longer buy, either because they went out of style, there is a new model or they have a bad reputation. I advise you before embarking on this business you familiarize yourself with this fascínate but careful issue of cell phones subscribing to blogs specialized in this subject. You well know that technology varies in the blink of an eye; You will not want to see a place full of obsolete accessories. This is just a healthy observation and in good faith, I do not want you to be scared either. Come on, up to that entrepreneur spirit!

Look for well-referenced wholesale suppliers, it would be best if you could meet personally. Make sure that you have a warranty on accessories in items that your customers ask you if or if they guarantee such as microSD cards and hearing aids.


Esteemed entrepreneurs this has been a fairly complete article about the accessories business for cell phones. I hope you take advantage of it. I’m sure there will be some details left to mention or you will have some observation about what I have written. So leave comments in the comments. If you want to know when I publish another useful and interesting article, subscribe now to the communalbusiness.net.

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