How to start a used clothing business

used clothing business

A used clothing business operates in the dynamics of buying and selling. You try to buy second-hand clothes as cheaply as possible and sell them at a good price to those who, for economic reasons, for fashion, for whim or for lifestyle, are looking for second-hand clothes.

Today we see that second-hand clothing and second-hand accessories businesses are located next to elegant and distinguished boutiques. This social reality teaches us that there is no reason to doubt that this business idea can be positioned and be profitable. It is an undertaking that can be as successful as, for example, the sale of clothing by catalog.

Let’s see that the two big parts of the used clothing business. First, we will see the way to buy and then the how to sell:

How and where to get used clothes?

To start your used clothing business you must, first of all, get it. Below I share ten tips on how and where to get used clothing:

1. In garage sales

clothing business

Many family homes or communities organize garage sales where they sell everything they no longer use.

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2. In the so-called flea markets

That is to say in those types of establishments that do what you try to do: Sell second-hand clothes. Try to get very cheap clothes that you can later resell.

3. Go from house to house

 You can do this activity or hire an assistant. It consists of going from house to house but neighborhoods or localities are good or excellent social and economic conditions. You knock on the door and ask, ” By any chance, do you no longer have clothes that are in poor condition or that you no longer use? ” This works. Be creative in what you will say and what will you answer if they ask you. What do you want it for?

4. Place an advertisement in your local newspaper or on classified Internet pages

An ad like the following will help you get used clothing: “Used Clothing is purchased. I pick you up at your house. More reports: (your email or phone number) “.

5. Imported used clothing

used clothing business

To the capitals and large or coastal cities of each country, a shipment of used clothing from the United States, more exactly from Los Angeles, is arriving. This is the closest thing you’ll find to distributors for used clothing businesses. They are a bit anonymous because of tax issues, but by doing a little research you can find the warehouses where these imports arrive.

6. Attentive to removals

Discreetly and pretending that you pass by, look at people who are finishing or about to move out of their house or apartment. Ask them if they have clothes that they no longer use. These people try to start a new life and are more willing to give away what they no longer use.

7. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family

To everyone you meet, tell them you’re starting a used clothing business since you have not been able to get a job for months. For supporting yourself in your endeavor, they will give you those clothes they no longer wear.

8. Visit clothing stores that are in liquidation

used clothing business

When clothing stores decide to liquidate their business, they top off all their products at laughable prices. Make continuous visits to these stores to hunt for good deals that can be profitable.

9. Befriend recyclers

People who recycle or collect garbage in apartments and wealthy houses often find themselves with real treasures. Business with them.

10. Visit tailors and dressmakers

The aforementioned, as well as the clothing clinics usually have clothes with defects or that their clients never claimed. They do not know what to do with those clothes, but you do.

Tips to sell in your used clothing business?

After getting it, now let’s focus on the sales part. Here are some tips if you want to sell used clothing for both men and women :

What do you need in your used clothing business?

The furniture for the operation of your used clothing business will consist of:


– Dressing rooms.

– Hangers

– Exhibitors.

– Shelves.

– Showcases.

– Mannequins

– Mirrors.

– Cash register.

What are the second-hand clothes that are sold the most?

Even though the second-hand clothes businesses have already been accepted by society. There are garments that are easier to sell than others.

In general, people, for reasons of hygiene, buy more easily clothes that will be far from the skin and abstain as you can deduce all those clothes that are in direct contact with the skin.

Under the previous premise, the second-hand clothes that are sold and bought the most are:

clothing business

– Coats.

– Hats.

– Accessories.

– Ties

– Handbags.

– Gabanes.

– Raincoats.

– Jackets

Do not try to sell used clothing for new

Do not make this mistake. You are an entrepreneur, not a scammer. You must be proud of this endeavor and have confidence that it works, there is no need to cheat. There are customers in this market.

Is it profitable to rent used clothes?

clothing business

Of course yes. It is very profitable to rent the clothes for your business. As we saw in the previous paragraph, garments such as coats, hats, among others (Very similar to the garments of the laundry business ), are clothes that may only be needed for a single occasion. For this reason, your clients may request that you rent them for one night or weekend. You earn money and in the end, you stay with the clothes again.

Rent used clothing for costumes

You will notice that in October or any season of disguises the requests to rent used clothes in your business will increase. This is because people today disguise themselves more than before but do not want to spend large amounts of money in a costume, so they are creative and rent clothes to design their own costumes for these festivities.

Additionally, you can visit theater schools, acting academies, modeling schools and offer them the cost of renting suites.

We reached the end of the article on used clothing. I hope you are creative and expand or better the ten tricks I have to get used clothes. Likewise, take out your soul as an entrepreneur to get customers to increase sales. Any doubt or opinion leave it in the comments. We read in a future article.

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