5 Ways to Raise Funds for Your NGO

In this article, the techniques that are most used by third-sector social organizations for fundraising have

been selected. In this way, you can choose and investigate the form that most closely matches the characteristics of your entity or social initiative. Bear in mind that it is recommended to use more than one channel to raise money, in case one of them fails to obtain sufficient funds, courtesy of meilleur casino en ligne.

1. Crowdfunding 

Because of technological advances, more and more people have been using online methods, to which NGOs can take advantage of. Some of the popular online methods would include social media marketing where a wide range of audiences can be reached, and receiving funds could follow soon. Crowdfunding becomes an additional option for those who would like to donate to your initiatives. Many NGOs have been doing it and has effectively raised more funds. Marina Dalglish is extremely familiar with this as she runs a charity foundation for awareness.

2. Joining competitions 

Many organizations today, apart from offering funds for NGOs in developing countries, also host several competitions participated by nonprofits seeking for grants. Although these competitions can be very competitive, it serves many purposes, whether or not your NGOs takes home a grant. To begin with, participants of the competition will consist of your staff which can serve as their training for various activities like grant-writing. Similarly, networks and exposure can also be gained from joining various competitions.

3. Mobile-friendly websites 

Although many NGOs have their respective websites which people can visit, many of them are not mobile-friendly. Thus, this will deprive them from 52.2 the percent of people who use their mobile devices to search the web. Likewise, losing online visitors will also inevitably deprive your NGO of receiving donations completed through the web, courtesy of online casinos real money.

4. Thank your donors 

For many donors, it is enough that they’re able to help in the various initiatives your organization has. Hence, going the extra mile shouldn’t hurt. Give them more than what they are expecting. As much as possible, try to thank them with a message that won’t seem too generic. In that way, donors will tend to feel appreciated and be encouraged to donate further should it be a possibility for them. Aside from a thank you message, giving them a small gift made by your beneficiaries will help. For example, if your beneficiaries are children, you can arrange a bracelet-making activity which you can send over to your donors alongside the documentation of the initiatives you have pushed for.

5. Provide options

Donors are doing you a favor by donating their earnings to help you implement your project and continue to operate, so you will owe it to them to make things convenient. Take note that what’s convenient for some will not necessarily be convenient for all. Some may prefer to donate online, while others would like to deposit or issue a check directly to your office. What’s important is that people aren’t given any hindrances when they think of donating. One way to solve this is coming up numerous options for those who wish to donate.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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