Growth Hacking: How to bring your site from flop to top in just 30 days!

Growth Hacking

It is now normal for every business to have a site, be it a single page, an complete or detailed landing page to share with contacts or a well-made site that tells exactly what you do.

The truth is that there are many other activities like yours that follow the same approach that is to create a site, some accounts on social networks to then direct traffic to the site from different digital campaigns.

However, it is a fact that most of these sites have to face one of the biggest and most common obstacles: making visitors convert. That’s why we’re now going to see some growth hacking strategy that will take you exactly 30 days to turn each of your web pages into great resources for your business.

Growth hacking: The 30 day strategy to bring your site from flop to top

We have practically tried various campaigns and tactics to optimize conversions on different business sites and after being successful for some or failing others, we have come up with growth hacking strategies, or tips, that will turn your site from a flop to a top in only 30 days!

Start with the segmentation of your targeted audience

The first most important thing to do to create a site that converts a lot is to understand to whom you are addressing, but not so much the general data of your audience, how much its needs, what it looks for, its previous purchases and other information that you can discover only by digging a little deeper.

Identify the winning proposals for the different segments

Once your audience is divided into several segments, create different winning proposals for each one, but don’t target them with the same message when you know they are looking for different things and that they would convert based on different factors. Follow the “different actions for different people” rule to personalize your message.

Create a strategy for inbound marketing and run it ad hoc

If you want your site to have more traffic and engagement with your audience, content marketing will be crucial, so create a strategy for your brand that addresses different segments to the various segments, so you can see which one is the best in the conversion; but remember to stay consistent as this is the only way you can get more conversions in the sign-up form.

Growth Hacking

Make your message consistent

Even if you create campaigns for different digital channels based on their characteristics, remember to make sure you broadcast a good experience for each channel. On average, a user has at least two profiles on social media, so you certainly don’t want to confuse him and show him a message on one social network and a completely different one on another.

Also, when you direct this traffic to your site, make sure it offers the same content to the interested audience, otherwise it will drop you.

Optimize your site to load it faster

Internet users have very short attention and their patience is even less because they want everything immediately, so provide them with the product they want or the information they are looking for on a particular topic.

If your site takes too long to load, it is mathematical that you will lose conversions, so make sure that every page on your site is optimized to the best, from the content, to the images, to the videos, to the gifs up to the other media you could use.

Create content that leads to action

The idea of integrating content marketing into your strategy is excellent, but it means interacting with people more deeply and pushing them towards action, so creating content that succeeds in doing so is of fundamental importance: make sure there are discrete call to action in what you share with your audience, as well as some simple examples to follow.

Offer updates on your content

A smart way to convert a visitor is to offer updates, because today most visitors come to your site thanks to an advertisement or a post you shared on a particular channel.

This means that they are interested in learning more about that topic and if they could have even more detailed information, it would be even better! So offer updates to your content, such as ebooks, checklists, case studies, white papers and so on to get your visitors to use Exit Bee to turn them into leads.

Another way to convert a visitor is to use a block on some of your longer posts that contain valuable information. This way you will encourage visitors to subscribe to your list or register on your platform so you can read the entire post – and if they are really interested they will convert.

Re-number visitors before they leave the site

No matter how many call to action you have entered on your pages and how much you could optimize the site, because there will always be visitors who will leave without converting, but who says you can’t give them one last chance? Target them before they leave your site with a custom popup.

Change the way you present your proposal or offer an incentive that is too difficult to refuse! Since these popups are not invasive and only appear when a user wishes to leave your page, they will not compromise the experience of your site.

Targets visitors who have left the site with targeted advertisements

Now, if a visitor does not convert to your popup, don’t lose hope by abandoning it, because that visitor had arrived on your site as interested in what you offer, so use that data to create a re-targeting advertising campaign on different digital channels.

Furthermore, when you search for a product on an eCommerce site and leave without having bought anything, that store will follow you by offering you the same product on social media, always putting it on top until you convert.

Make as few conversions as possible

The goal of your company website could be of any type, such as registering a visitor for the free trial, buying a product, subscribing to your newsletter or otherwise … and if, on the other hand, did that visitor not want to make a commitment with you? For some of them you will have to use a strategy that involves few conversions and then make sure that you take the visitor to the final goal.

For example, if you aim to get them registered for the free trial, you could start by having them register for your blog’s newsletter, which will give you the opportunity to reach them weekly with content on how your business can add value to their lives.

We know that many of our visitors don’t really understand exit intent technology so they are skeptical and don’t even register for a free trial, so we target them with a popup offering a demo. This way we not only generate a lead, but we also find a way to get it to convert.

Spend more time on your information page

I realize that it could be a challenge to sit down and think about a section on information about your business, but in an era in which the consumer first intends to know your business and then interact with it, it is of fundamental importance to create carefully this page.

First of all you will have to find the perfect balance between selling your story, being relevant to your targeted market and keeping it interacting … just make sure your information page doesn’t suck!

Add some psychology

Sometimes you need to go beyond simple functionality and dig a little into people’s psychology to make them react, this is because a value proposition might interest a visitor, but if you can make it feel online and part of your business, you will have entered in his psychology so as to direct him towards conversion.

Customizing the client’s path with the data you already have and using a precise model is an effective tactic to understand what will lead them to convert.

Now it’s your turn

Getting the most out of your site is a difficult job, you never know what a visitor expects of you because digital fashions change with the speed of a blink.

That’s why you need to learn from the data you have and optimize your site to provide a precise experience that leads the visitor to convert: don’t lose a potential customer just because you forgot to see your data or customize your experience!

Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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