8 Strategies to get more customers and increase your income


There are strategies that are simple, but very effective to get more customers and increase your income.

Before going to see them, I must stress that to work, you must know your ideal client perfectly, as well as have a product that meets your needs or solve your problems and build trust with him. Of all this I spoke in the previous article: Ideas to attract customers when you have just started.

Strategies to get more customers and increase your income

1. Take back old contactsstrategies

I’m sure you have countless contacts that you’re not taking advantage of … Maybe you met them 10 years ago, maybe they’re old schoolmates, maybe they were your neighbors … Whatever it was, take relationships again.

You would be surprised at how many people you have known throughout your life and who has now become your potential client. Or, maybe he’s not your potential client directly, but he has contact or knows someone you can surely help.

It is nothing new, the world moves by relationships, by contacts. Many times, due to shyness, stagnation, comfort or, simply, not leaving our comfort zone (that area where we are comfortable), we hide behind a screen, behind a counter and do not take care of relationships.

Personally, it is a strategy that has given me very good results, so I encourage you to take back old contacts and encourage and maintain a closer link.

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2. Provide new products/services to current customers

Who better than them to keep buying you. They are already customers, they are happy with you, they know you and they have enough confidence to buy you again. So, why do not you think of new products or services that you can offer them?

There are studies that show that you can increase your income more effectively by offering new products or services to current customers who are not trying to attract new ones.

This is one of my star strategies, I was able to double my income in a month applying this strategy. But for this, you must know your clients perfectly and provide them with something really useful and valuable.

For example, in my case, I noticed that many clients that I consult do not have a well-optimized website. So I decided to incorporate that service, but only for those clients who had already had an experience with me at the contracting level. And it worked.

3. Reactivate old clients strategiesstrategies

Another forgotten strategy that can provide you with a substantial increase in income. If they already bought you once and were happy and satisfied, why cannot they need you again? Whether you have a law firm, a graphic designer or sell natural products, never lose contact with former clients.

For example, you can hold a workshop or training for former clients in which you offer an irresistible promo. You can send them by e-mail a special offer for being a customer of yours, or you can make a call to see, simply, how things are going.

Let’s see an example. If you are a graphic designer and you created some business cards for a client 3 years ago, get in touch with him to modernize his corporate image at a special price for being “old client”.

Continuing with this line, let me point out another reactivation strategy, but instead of old clients, of potential clients. Did they contact you to ask for a quote and they did not end up hiring you? Did you write an e-mail to ask for information? All of them are potential clients with whom you can keep in touch and reactivate their interest.

4. Establish strategic alliances

I think maybe you’re thinking, okay Maria, this I’ve already tried to implement and it has never worked for me. True, the majority of strategic alliances that are usually carried out by the self-employed or the small business are not fruitful, but because they are carried out from an incorrect perspective. Today you will discover how to make strategic alliances that give you a good income.

First, and although it seems obvious, NEVER ally with anyone that is your competition.

Second, look for companies that target the same target audience as you. Many times the mistake is made to collaborate with companies that do NOT address the person that interests us, thus, discard them from the start. Do not waste time or resources.

Third, when you sign the collaboration agreement, establish an action plan that commits both parties to do so. That is, do not just say: “ok, okay, I already have a collaborator”. If not, establish a close link with him and agree on actions that you will carry out together to increase your income and leave (and this is important) THE TWO benefited. And, obviously, in which the client perceives a greater value.

Finally, try to integrate your services, and create a value proposition and an attractive offer for the client. For example, if you have financial advice for companies, you could make a strategic alliance with an accounting consultancy in which both offer a joint product or service. In this way, everyone wins you, the collaborator and the client.

5. Cross-selling strategiesstrategies

Let’s go with the cross-selling or as it is also known, cross-selling. I have implemented this strategy in my company and, I can assure you, it is impressive how you can increase the income of a single sale. It is about offering services or products “complementary” to the main product that the client intends to acquire.

Let’s see an example. If you have a fashion store online and someone acquires a pair of pants, you can also offer the shirt and shoes for a complete set. The same goes for the services. If you offer a web hosting or hosting service, you can also offer the customer a maintenance service for the monthly web page.

6. Do a lot of pedagogy strategies

Many times we offer our products or services believing that the client knows what needs or problems he has. Nothing further from reality. We must teach and show the client what their needs are / what their problems are so that they really see and understand that they need our product or service. So, what better way to teach and educate him about it.

Something that works very, very well, and I assure you, is to train our potential clients and show them what their problems are, what their needs are, and what benefits their product or service will bring them.

Whether you sell products or services, this is a strategy that can bring you benefits, both short and long-term.

For example, imagine that you have a store of organic products, you can make training or free presentations in which you show the benefits of eating the food of this type.

7. Add value to your products or services for the same pricestrategies

The telephone company Amena is something that has more than internalized. From time to time it increases the services of its services without increasing the cost for the client. They relatively recently increased their data plan, the Internet, so that users could browse more, for the same price. This makes them different, it makes them offer, both to their clients and potential customers, a value that the competition does not.

Now, we must also say that, if you decide to use this strategy, keep in mind that what you offer should be interesting for your client or potential client, otherwise, it does not make sense. With what, I insist again, to apply these strategies you must know your target audience perfectly.

8. Do not leave out those who are upset with your competition

One of the best strategies to have and to have and I’m sure you do not get the game you could.

There are many, but many potential customers out there who are upset or dissatisfied with your competition. Why not do something special for them? And do not tell me you do not know how to detect them, because nowadays, with the Internet, you can do practically everything. There are forums, social media company pages, etc., where you can see those who are not happy with the competition at all. You can even detect why they are not happy and offer something that fits their real needs or that solves their problems.

We hope if you follow this simple but more effective strategy, you must get more customers and increase your income.

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Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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