5 Tips To Help You Reduce Your IT Support Tickets

Dependable tech support is an essential component for just about every business in today’s marketplace. Your IT support apparatus must be efficient and demonstrate a capability to oversee a company’s IT system while also exhibiting the ability to solve technical difficulties that might be experienced by end users.

Hiring one of the many IT support companies in Raleigh means you need an IT system to address any support tickets that may come in from those end users and do so in a timely manner. Ticket response time is critical but it’s also important to attempt to reduce the amount of service requests that come in.

The following are five helpful tips that can make any organization far more efficient at addressing support tickets that come in and reduce the number of tickets that need to be handled.

Identify Urgency

This one may seem pretty simple and straightforward, however, too many IT support teams miss the all too easy method of proper prioritization. Each ticket that comes in has assorted levels of urgency and importance. Sure, while every support ticket is important and needs to be resolved in a timely manner, some tickets may have a greater urgency for resolution than others. Avoid the first come, first serve approach and work to address those service requests that impact more customers and threaten the seamless operation of your business first.

Resolution Estimates

Everyone wants the work done immediately and IT support systems may claim they can fix a problem much quicker than they are realistically able. But giving time estimates as to ticket resolution need to be on par with realistic capabilities and not wishful thinking. Even though it’s an “estimate”, the end user will typically expect the resolution to come by the time stated.

Avoid Common Issues Ahead of Time

Support tickets often represent a wide-ranging cross section of common IT problems and that can help IT support systems plan for these problems when they arise again later on. Troubleshooting the most widespread technical support issues can become a lot easier when IT support systems can take inventory of the most common problems, so they are ready to tackle them in a timely fashion on future tickets.

Let the Customer Do It

No we’re not necessarily suggesting that you should pass on support ticket resolution responsibilities to the end user, but if you provide them with the ability to solve some issues on their own, you can make it easier to get those support tickets resolved when need be. This is good for smaller issues that can be solved through any number of self service portals.

Know When to Reboot the System

Some IT support systems may have obstacles in their way that could result in their losing the ability to resolve support tickets when they come in, regardless of priority. That’s why it’s important to have measures in place for resetting the system and doing so in order to remove these obstacles and allow IT support to get back to the task of resolving every ticket that comes in.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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