10 tips to improve the copywriting of your articles


Copywriting describes the process of writing. It is an English term used mainly in a creative field. The discipline has gained a lot of importance due to the impact of texts on sales processes. In Anglo-Saxon states, good copywriters can easily earn 1,000 dollars and more for writing a professional sales letter. The term has been used over time also in the world of blogging.

The most important ingredient of a blog are the entries. Although we already know that many posts do not make a blog, the visits do not come by pure sympathy to the blogger. No one has said it would be easy, so you have to work hard and work on the quality of the content. Do not be afraid of not being good enough.

  • Everything comes with practice and with the desire to improve.
  • To write a blog, you do not have to be an expert in anything.
  • A writer with passion can compensate spelling errors and a mediocre writing style.

If you are able to overcome the initial fears when you launch a blog, play new posts as often as possible. To improve the quality of the articles, you can try some basic tips.

Here we write 10 tips to improve your copywriting skills

1. Write for dummies :

copywritingThe vast majority of your readers will have a level of knowledge of the subject that is inferior to you. Writing for experts using technical terminology, make your readers flee from your blog (see also “3 reasons to write for dummies” ).

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2. Avoid capital letters :

There are several reasons for not using capital letters. The most important is that the reader DOES NOT LIKE TO CHILLEN. If you have not had the feeling that I just shouted at you because of the use of capital letters, you probably have already gone deaf … 😉

3. Divide a long post into several shorts :

Read a short post is more digestible for most of your readers. You compete with millions of content. The level of attention, in general, is very low. Facing a long text is a higher risk of consuming information that does not contribute anything or little to the visitor of your blog. Long posts can also work, but it is recommended to do it when you already have more information about the interests of your target audience (see also “How to divide a long post into three shorts helps you get more followers and traffic to the blog” ). Keep reading http://pearsonstyle.com/the-most-useful-google-search-tricks/

4. Address the reader with “you” :

copywritingYour blog should be like your living room. You have to get the visitor to have the same feeling. Creating closeness by tutoring the reader is a first step to prevent him from escaping quickly from your home.

5. Finish each post with a question :

Engaging the reader is a key factor in creating a live blog. Allow him to participate in your contributing his own experience and point of view although it is different from yours. Questions are a useful technique to generate comments on the blog.

6. Avoid current issues :

Every minute invested in a post has to bring you value for a long time. Among my most popular posts are still many of the beginning of this blog. Avoid creating posts on current issues such as the purchase of Instagram by Facebook, given that in a couple of weeks this will be dead content.

7. Write for people and not for machines :

copywritingA blog does not become known because it is well positioned in Google. If you do not think about the conversion, being in the top 10 with some keywords does not help you much. Dare to create content that nobody looks for. When your blog grows, SEO optimization of the blog has more impact and more sense.

8. Create intimacy and be personal :

A blog has its origins and roots in the personal. Talk and share your own experiences, add to the consumption of your text a unique and exceptional flavor. The personal generate debates and feedback. In my most, “intimate” entries are usually generated 2 to 3 times more comments per article.

9. Avoid serious spelling mistakes :

copywritingSooner or later I had to admit it. Having spelling errors in a text is typically a low-quality indicator. It is something that for lack of review occurs frequently in this blog. It is always better to avoid it. In a personal blog, your readers may tolerate it. Within a corporate blog should not happen.

10. Strive with the titles :

I do not get tired of repeating this message. 80% of the success of a post is in the first words. If your most important broadcast channel is Twitter, the creation of memorable headlines is key to attract attention.

A professional copywriting is not achieved from day to morning. Even if you think you are a bad writer you can succeed one day. “Only” you need to win and be constant. You will be surprised how far you can go.

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What are your copywriting tips for blogs?

Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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