Myths About Underfloor Heating

Myth 1: Underfloor heating costs more than radiators

Underfloor heating is a long-term investment but the system is less expensive and more efficient than traditional radiators.

Myth 2: A house with underfloor heat never gets warm

Underfloor heating is not as efficient as conventional radiators, but it still produces enough heat to provide a comfortable atmosphere. The system distributes heat evenly over the floor surface so that the temperature in the room can reach 25degC. The thermostat can be set a few degrees lower, and homeowners will not lose any heat.

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Myth 3: Underfloor heating is electrical heating

Electric floor heating is powered by electricity. The hydraulic system, however, runs on hot-water and central heating. You can also connect an underfloor heating system to a heat pump. The heat pump uses some electricity but also renewable energy. Addition of a heat pump to your underfloor heating system is ideal because it operates at a low temperature.

Myth 4: Underfloor heating heating is slower to heat a home, so the temperature will never stay consistent

Hydraulic systems are slower to react than electric floor heating. You don’t have to endure the cold. You should consider how to set up your heating system so that it suits your lifestyle while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. If you have a hydro-pneumatic system, for example, you can adjust the settings so that the temperature in the room does not drop more than three degrees at night. For Underfloor Heating Gloucestershire, consider

Myth 5: Underfloor heating can only be installed on the floor

It may surprise you to learn that underfloor heating can be installed above the floor. It can be installed in walls and ceilings for a faster heat up. Underfloor heating is a great way to integrate into modern interiors because it doesn’t take up any extra space.

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Myth 6: Underfloor heating causes your feet to swell

Early underfloor heating systems could cause your feet to swell. With modern systems, this doesn’t happen anymore, especially when your home is well-insulated. Combining underfloor heating and a heat pump allows the system also to cool, which is a plus during the hot summer months.

Myth 7 – Underfloor heating is unhealthy

Underfloor heating can prevent the spread of dust particles which may cause allergies and sickness. The better humidity, free from dust mites or moulds, is also beneficial to homeowners who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

Myth 8: You can’t combine parquet flooring with underfloor heating

You can combine parquet and underfloor heating if you consider certain factors. You can combine underfloor heating and parquet if you use a wood type that is stable, resistant to moisture, and has a multilayer version with planks up to 15 cm wide.


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