Visiting Monmouth. A rural and historic delight

Wales is full of natural and built wonders. It has a long and fruitful heritage which covers everything from the last Kingdom of the Ancient Britons to the mediaeval stagnation as the supplicant nation to the English and then a provider of its power through its coal.

One of its most beautiful regions is Monmouthshire. It’s easy to see why. The architecture of the town is breathtaking and it’s what this established Monmouth Architect,, seeks to emulate through its new buildings. Here are some things to see when you visit this historic town.

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  1. The Monnow Bridge and Gate. Though to be the only one left in existence this architectural mediaeval masterpiece still stands today since it was first built in the thirteenth century. It offers great views of the rest of the town.
  2. Monmouth Castle. Whilst there is very little of it remaining it still has some of its old power and importance. It is, after all, the site of the birthplace of Henry the Fifth, the monarch famous for the victory at Agincourt.

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  1. The town’s royal connections are not the only thing that singles it out. It also has a role to play in the fight for working class rights with the Chartist trails from 1840 onwards.
  2. All of this can be read about and seen in the Monmouth Museum. It is full of detail about the town’s history through the archaeological finds and the numerous artists that have graced it. It’s also full of local heritage as well so that you can get a feel for the area and its past.
Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor

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