What are some workers’ rights?

As adults, we spend a large amount of time in the workplace. To ensure that this time is as pleasant and productive as it can be, workers are protected by rights and certain standards. Here are some of the top worker’s rights:

A safe workplace

Every worker has the right to work in an environment where they are free from harm and hazards. A workplace must adhere to health and safety legislation as well as feel safe for those who work there. For anyone interested in making a Constructive Dismissal Claim due to a breach of contract, visit a site like www.employmentlawfriend.co.uk/constructive-dismissal

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Not to be discriminated against

There are laws in place (Equality Act 2010) that state no employee should be treated differently because of sex, gender reassignment, marriage, age, disability, sexual oritentation, religion or race.

To join a union

Every employee has the right to join a trade union to represent them. No employer can refuse an employee joining a union, nor can interfere or intimidate in any way.


Employees are entitled to receive the correct pay amount depending on their agreed contract. There is also a National Minimum Wage that employers are bound by and they cannot pay less than this.

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Paid Annual Leave

Everyone needs a break and workers are no exception. As per their employment contract, employees are entitled to a certain number of days or hours paid leave in each business year.

There are other rights that workers can expect and employment is aimed at providing protection and security for both the employee and employer.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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