Voice commands: How digital assistants revolutionize business

Voice commands

Voice commands: smart speakers and voice assistants, the new tools for winning business strategies …

After recording widespread use in the consumer sector, digital assistants with voice commands are ready to revolutionize the corporate world: 40% of business activities in Europe and the USA envisage implementing their working tools with a voice assistant by 2019 and 29% of organizations have already used a smart speaker for business tasks.

The data that emerged from the market research carried out in April 2018 by Spiceworks, a leading company in the IT sector, leaves no room for doubt: smart speakers and voice commands are useful tools not only in the private sphere, but are also ideal solutions to implement multiple business activities of large and small companies.

Today’s hectic pace of life and the presence of a constantly connected society are the ideal conditions for the large and growing development of intelligent, multitasking technologies, according to a survey NPR and Edison Research for screen readers represent the technological category with higher growth and spread of recent decades, which in a short time were essential for 65% of users.

Digital assistants with voice commands are undoubtedly technologies capable of constantly perfecting their performance: if the consumer sector already appears “dependent” on the smart speakers, in the business environment artificial intelligence and voice technologies could prove to be an indispensable tool to personalize and optimize the relationship between company and customer.

Devices based on voice technologies are proving able to revolutionize the world of marketing, advertising and online research: the use of voice commands and digital assistants implies radical changes in consumer behavior and in the performance of business activities, consequently, corporate marketers need new communication strategies to achieve success within the 4.0 market.

Voice commands: How can you use them to improve your business?

Smart speakers and voice commands can be innovative and original solutions to optimize and revolutionize different sectors of your work. Here are some examples of potential applications of voice technologies within a business reality …

Voice commands

Assistance and customer service

The customer service sector is currently focused on the development of intelligent software called chatbot: the real revolution in the field of assistance and consumer experience will however be the use of voice technologies and smart speakers. The operation of a voice assistant is based on the software’s ability to learn natural language, thus providing adequate feedback: digital assistants and voice technologies could prove to be an ideal solution to personalize the relationship between company and customer through natural communications based on voice commands.

Remote work optimization

The voice-first technologies, based on the combined operation of vocal and digital instruments, make it possible to carry out most of the work activities from mobile and remote devices: digital assistants are tools capable of gathering teams in a virtual way, optimizing work performance remote and smart-working.

Connection of devices in the office

The most widespread and common use of smart speakers and voice commands is undoubtedly the one linked to the activation of remote devices: with a voice assistant connected to the systems present in the office it will, in fact, be possible to create a smart working environment by regulating the operation of each device with the simple use of the voice.

Security for payment systems

Voice commands could prove to be indispensable tools for optimizing the online payment systems sector: digital assistants can, in fact, be used to start and monitor any payment procedure. The next goal in the banking sector concerns the enhancement of IT security through the use of smart speakers: the item would, in fact, be a further biometric possibility alongside facial recognition and that of fingerprints.

Management of business meetings

A voice assistant is undoubtedly a qualified information tool: obtaining a smart speaker during a conference call or a corporate meeting is an indispensable activity to quickly find data, documents and information requested by those present. In a workspace context, digital assistants prove to be efficient and qualified partners able to reduce working times, provide productive assistance and optimize company performance.

Advertisements and promotions

Smart speakers and voice technologies could constitute a new advertising space for corporate businesses: a voice assistant, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, is able to promote targeted and personalized announcements based on the chronological history concerning user’s online purchases.

Voice commands

Voice commands, Vocal Search and online visibility: 3 tips to optimize your business

A recent Google analysis states that 20% of the total online research results to be vocal: by 2020 the proportion will increase constantly reaching a percentage of 50% of Vocal Search on the net.

For commercial and business activities with the aim of obtaining considerable results online, it is therefore necessary to modify one’s marketing strategies on the basis of the Vocal Search operating criteria: in other words, in order to be able to transmit “voice users” traffic to one’s business, it will be necessary perform some activities that make your pages optimized in a Vocal Search context.

Here are 3 simple tips to optimize the position of your business within voice searches …

1) Optimize SEO locally

One of the most used commands in the world of voice assistance regards sought-after information “in the surrounding area”: for an activity with the aim of positioning itself positively in Vocal Search, it is essential to improve all local information from an SEO perspective, paying particular attention to constant updating of the Google My Business account.

2) Answer the most frequently asked questions

To effectively position oneself in the field of vocal research it is essential to share contents that can provide qualified answers to the questions most frequently asked by potential customers: creating articles and posts with a “How To” structure can be an effective activity to attract voice traffic to one’s activities.

3) Use short, simple and clear answers

Structuring your copy with a colloquial style is essential to produce content that can adequately respond to users ‘voice commands: it is essential to process texts with few characters, simple to read and able to easily and intuitively satisfy users’ requests.

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