Will tomorrow’s websites be “less” rather than more?

The internet is incredibly popular. Most people log on every day, and around 40 per cent of young adults say that they are online “almost constantly”. If you are a business owner, you should have a website to market your business – and here’s what it should look like.

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In recent years, websites have become more complex. They now feature moving web design, videos, pictures and animation, and many also have weekly blogs and content management systems. This appealed to users looking for professional, trustworthy websites, but now it seems that trends are changing.

Low Tech magazine recently published its redesigned website, and it is very different from most websites! In fact, the whole premise of the website is “less is more”.

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Low Tech releases a solar-powered website

Every day, new websites are released, and most aren’t worth talking about. However, Low Tech’s new website is very different from the average website. This is because the website is made up of static documents on a self-hosted server – and the server is solar-powered.

That’s right; the world’s first solar-powered website is live, and it stays online when the weather is sunny. If it is cloudy for a few days, however, the website goes offline! This is very interesting, especially in a time when most internet users will leave a website if it takes more than a second to load.

The website has no adverts or pop-ups, and all of the images are compressed to be as small as possible. This is very different from most current websites, which use video and animation to draw in users. It is worth noting that this website is now around five times smaller than the old website. This means that it loads very quickly…. as long as the sun is shining.

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The benefits of less (instead of more)

One of the main benefits of smaller websites is that they aren’t filled with pointless, unnecessary information. This means that it is much easier for users to find important information. It also means that the website uses less energy, so it is easier to run and maintain.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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