Using Signage in your Shop

Whether you are opening a new store as a first time business owner, or you are planning to renovate your current shop, signage is an important factor so it is something that you really need to think about when you are in the process of planning your new store.

There are lots of types of signage that can be used in retail. The most obvious one is of course the signage above your shop door, telling customers your brand name and logo. However, there are also other types of exterior signage that you can use, including signage promoting particular products and sales, as well as information on opening hours.

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Signage is also useful inside the shop. Showing customers where they need to pay, where certain products may be found and informing customers of prices and product information are also reasons why signage should be considered inside the shop.

Signage needs to be professional and also consistent with your branding. Go to a professional like this sign makers Exeter based company to have good quality signage made for your shop. There are lots of things that you need to think about when you are creating signage too. This includes:

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Use of Images – Images are a great way to communicate your message to customers easily. Using the right images can make your signs more visible and also clearer.

Visibility – You need to make sure that your signs are visible and also clear. That fancy script style writing might look attractive, but how easy is it for people to be able to read? Make sure that you think about this when considering the size and style of your signage.

Branding – Your brand is the identity of your business, and signage should be consistent with how you are portraying your brand. You can use colours, fonts and your logo to get this across to customers.

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